Shago's dash: a commitment?

I’m pretty I heard from one of the devs that Shago’s dash is supposed to be a big commitment. You know, with a lot of recovery. That’s why they gave him the ability to cancel out of it with unsafe moves.

But it really isn’t a commitment. The only way you’re ever hitting a Shago out of a backdash is if you OS him on wakeup, but he’s pretty much free to run away with it midscreen.

So…what’s the problem with this dash again? I don’t really see a reason why it’s not the best in the game.


There are a thousand words that are said just by my presence in this thread.
But i will skip those and get to the “helpful” stuff.

I agree.

I have never purposely been able to catch a backdash. And trying to do it requires committing to a move that is arguably MORE unsafe than any of Shago’s options out of the dash.

This is all part of his gameplay (which i think is awful). The only effective Defense or Offence against Shago is Hard reads, Hard Guesses, or insane reaction times. He is very much a “mid-tier killer”. He can just “go nuts” and if you arent 100% prepared, you lose. The only way to confidently win against a Shago is to practice reacting to his moves for hours and hours.

His backlash isn’t invincible on startup like the rest of the cast. You can literally jab him out of it and hit confirm to a full combo.

You can OS an advancing special into a meaty normal to beat any wake up backlash including Shadow Jago’s.

His forward dash to throw or DP is pretty scary though although an autocorrect jab can catch him before the cancel although that’s hard to do online and is pretty much a read. It’s fairly similar to dealing with Dictator dash in SFV.

It’s invincible.

And yes, you need an OS to catch backdash. But another option is just to do a raw forward traveling special move on Shago’s wakeup. If he wakes up with DP you’ll trade in your favor (priority system), and if he does backdash he’ll get hit right after his invincibility runs out, but before he actually teleports.

It’s a bit annoying to have to “check” Shago like this, because forward traveling moves are pretty much always minus, so you have to give up a lot of your offense to try it. But if Shago is doing it all the time, it’s an option that will win without needing to go into training mode and learn an OS.


Are you sure about that? I know it’s at least grab invulnerable.

But, again, it’s only stoppable when stopping his wakeup.

It is invincible, it just loses his invincibility for a few frames before he actually disappears. Keits tweeted a gif of his hitbox a few months ago.

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I suppose what I’m trying to say is that stopping it on wakeup isn’t my problem, it’s keeping him from doing it to avoid me and run away.

I’m talking about the Glacius MU BTW so if that helps you make your posts then here you go.

Shatter hitbox is CRAZY wide. Ive never been able to escape by moving forward or backward with any move/dash.

By performing one behind him, you should get an easy catch.

Definitely learned something today, thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the info, dude. :slight_smile:

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Well full screen Shago can’t really do much but try to get you to block fireballs to build meter. You can liquidize and pester him with hail. Tossing out shatters to catch him if he tries to jump or slide in.

You out damage him by three or four times so he’s got to hit you a lot more than you hit him. You can cut off most of his approaches by holding a hail. He’s left with sliding which is always unsafe, his overhead, and instant dive kicks. (Higher dive kicks and j.HP will get beaten by the hail)

Hail into cold shoulder can be used as a mobility tool. And once you are in range you can start poking with f+MP. Also don’t forget that when he doesn’t have meter he can’t get around stuff cancelled into shadow hail. So if you need to catch him shoulder into shadow hail is somewhat viable as a gimmicky Hail Mary.

THAT’S why I’ve been so much trouble lately! Completely forgot how to play this matchup and just let him run all over me.

But, still, my point stands, that dash is a little too easy to throw out.

The dash is really good in the mid range if you want to run away, yeah. But I think a few other backdashes are like that too (Cinder’s comes to mind).

If the guy wants his space you probably have to make a read to catch him. It’s maybe annoying if you need to be close to do any damage, but I don’t think the act of him backdashing in neutral is really getting him anywhere amazing. It would only be huge trouble if your character can never get around his fireball zoning, which I’m not sure is true of many (any?) characters.

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