SHAGO VS GLACIUS what can i do in these situation...? HELP

hello guys im very loose in these repetitive spamming 100 x situation .
i decided to make that vid . buut thats no the first one to do that all match. next time ill make a mix video with tons of shago players spamming non stop fireballs.then when u try to get close they teleport to the other side of screen :cry: :sob:. help help help .

i know i could beat them with aria or other character who send so quickly fireball too. but here its with glacius .these situation force u to stay on a block way or take damage tryin to get closer. till he decide to stop and fight as a (coward) man sorry :unamused:

i think for the awards of fireballs spamming there is no better than shago lol :joy: :joy:

i like my glacius and dont want to change character because of it tho :grin:


I main Glacius as well and honestly, I have had pretty good success in this matchup.

Is there a particular reason why you didn’t want to move forward while in liquidize and close the ground that way? If it were me, I would probably block enough to build some shadow meter, then move towards him with my liquidize, and see how he reacts when I’m in range. If he throws another fireball, I’d shadow cold shoulder through it and open him up that way. If he decides to use another move, then I’d see if I could get a block in so that he’s unsafe and I could punish.


If he is throwing them low:

  1. Liquidize, move forward, then jump in.

If he throws them high:

Use hail, then use step 1.

His dashes have recovery, just like every other move. When he dashes through you, throw him.

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the reason why i cannot go fwd. its when i did it with liquidize he recapture me with the slide :cry: then hit me and run away and repeat fireball.

and also when i block and go fwd he gain twice more shadow meter than me :disappointed_relieved:

so is shadow cold shoulder invulnerable to projectiles??? i didn’t know. i though it was only at the begin…
thanx for anwering me . :slightly_smiling:

:sweat: as u see in tha video most of them are speed fireball then repeat.
next time ill try to throw him .

Yes, shadow cold shoulder is invulnerable to projectiles.

Well, you are going to take some hits. It’s just the nature of the beast. I know it can be difficult sometimes, but it is in your best interest to have hail out as much as you can, but it’ll require some timing on your part. Light and medium hail both bounce and many times this can work in your favor. Most people have patterns, so do what you can to learn it. If you can bait out his other moves and block, most of it is unsafe and you can punish. Another option would be to use shadow hail and move forward with the opportunity it gives you, either by jumping in or using cold shoulder to advance.

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Love hitting teleporting shagos or nonstop jumpers with shadow hail funniest thing to do as glacius.

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Smart Shagos will force you to liquidize under fire balls and punish the recovery with a slide. He can bait you to jump over as well with his shadow dive kick. If hit by a fireball, he can hit confirm from ANYWHERE into shadow dive kick. Very tough MU for Glacius and I use Shago as a counter pick rather than playing the mirror match vs Glacius.

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i knew i wasnt crazy when I got fed up with this ■■■■.

this video is just a sample to let u see how much peoples are spamming this fireballs …this guy isnt the alone to do that. there is plenty people doing the same
and no one complaind about it

I agree with you that it’s annoying as all ■■■■ but there’s always a way in like the video showed. people that spam the same move like that tend not to be that good, once he got in on shago he didn’t even know how to react.

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that was the reason why i was blokked on the left screen cause he was awaiting me to liquidize then slide kick me as in the first match. he did it alot times. and also when i try the cold shoulder thats a very speed fireball in my face till i get close then he teleport to the other side screen lol a real coward this shago :sweat_smile:

if it was another character spamming any techniques like these, thats direct change after 1 months cause peoples complaint. ( think about fulgore eyelaser, thunder call of the sky and others…:unamused:

See, that’s another thing I like about KI it doe snot encourage spamming when someone finds a way to stop it.

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I don’t know the specifics, maybe someone like @Infilament does, but I’ve actually had some success poking Shago out of his surged slide; I’ve even grabbed him a couple times. It seems to be a timing thing, but I’ve done it numerous times.

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First, thanks for posting this video, it’s hysterical. Fireball, puddle, fireball, puddle, fireball, puddle. The funny thing is you had lifebar advantage and were at a basic stalemate for a while. You just lost your concentration and started getting hit.

Here are my thoughts - I am not being critical. I know these are frustrating matchups.

I don’t have high level matchup advice, but I can certainly comment on this video. During most of this match you are two inches away from being able to hit him and start a combo. But you let yourself get intimidated by being hit by fireballs in the air. Take that hit if you need to. The fireballs do only slightly more damage than if you block them. That’s why this match takes so long and ends in a timeout. If you have to take even 5-6 hits with a shago fireball to open him up into a real combo, then it is more than worth it. You are trading 10% damage for the opportunity to do a 60% combo with Glacius if you have meter. In the video, you jump - get hit by a fireball and then basically give up. You shouldn’t jump every time - make him guess what you are going to do. But you should definitely have been jumping in more. I believe (although I can’t prove it - so someone tell me if I’m wrong) that you can poke him out of slide with a light kick or mk timed correctly. So if you jump over his fireball expecting him to hit you with slide, throw out a LK or MK instead of trying to hit him at range with the HK.

Once you opened him up you didn’t maximize your combos, which is just something basic to work on. At about 20 seconds you hit him with a jump kick into cold shoulder opener and then just dropped the combo. You could have taken 45% off his life bar there and you settled for 11%. Those things happen, but you are going to lose to a lot more than spam if you don’t take advantage of opportunities like that. Not only that, you never tried this successful tactic again in the match. I gather from your previous responses that in the prior game he reacted pretty well to jump ins. But even so, it’s clear in this match that you have surrendered that option so he doesn’t have to worry about it. Sometimes it’s good to let him know that you will do even low return moves just so he has to consider them in his mind. And again, at least the one time you did this at 20 seconds, it worked.

I know counter breakers are always high risk/high reward, but if I see a player playing like this I would make him prove to me that he could consistently break combos before throwing out a counter attempt. Especially in a situation where you know that the match is a slow grind like this one. Pile on good, conservative damage when you can. A couple of combos and you would have run away with this one. Shago down by a life bar isn’t going to sit there for 85 seconds spamming fireballs while you puddle.

Never try to get into a straight up fireball shooting contest with hail vs Shago. That will only end badly. But as @Zcythe points out you might want to throw one up with lp, as a theoretical cover to jump through. The light hail could come down and knock him out of a combo if he catches you on a slide.

Remember that, although his fireball will knock you out of a combo with shatter, shatter as an opening hit does a LOT more damage than a shago fireball. People get disappointed that they are pulled out of combo and think they have “lost,” but I’ve actually won rounds against people who thought they were beating me by knocking me out of my shatter combo with their fireball. So I just kept doing it and they kept doing it and it didn’t take them too long to figure out that I was getting WAY ahead. Oops. It takes some timing to get one of these out against fast fireballs, but you did it here at least once.

Finally, you didn’t capitalize on your knockdowns. Even on soft knockdowns you should be trying for better positioning. At one point, you break his combo and then you jump away. You hit him with your j.HK so it looks like you did something smart, but you just lost the positioning battle. He will take that trade all day. You have lots of options to follow knockdowns. None are perfect, but many are better than retreating back to stalemate range.


@BigBadAndy :heart_eyes: many thankx for all these . woooowwww .

in us first match we fought correctly body to body. its was always teleport -slide -tornado (repeat) . ive beated them barely. :sweat_smile: move alots and he teleport everywhere to get distance then spam fireballs,
when i tried to get closer with cold shoulder thats tornado in my face 3 times till the corner
in the twice he begon with thise one as u can see in the video.

but now i don’t take glacius anymore against shago cause the ice balls and the shatter are too slow to come out ( if its was like the kanra sand trap " come instantanely out" ill do it but glacius is just too sleepy to give out fireballs and shatters.

now when i see shago i just take another fireballs spammers too so thats 50/50 some characters like aria,fulgore or spinal :grinning:

manny thanks for yall answered me :kissing_heart:

It seems to me like you didn’t really have a gameplan. You were just frustrated that Shago was throwing fireballs.

If your goal is never to get close, then you were doing fine, but I think you wanted to be close, but you never tried to close the gap in the first half of the match. There were several times when the Shago player left a massive opening for you to get close, via a jump or a cold shoulder. Some of the times you even had a hail out, or had instinct on! But you kinda just… sat there expecting something bad to happen. If you play like that, you will always be frustrated, even if nothing bad is currently happening to you.

But I think the most telling part of the match is that, when you wanted to get close, you immediately got close. For example… at 2:32, you just jumped twice and in two seconds, you were in. At 3:11, you jumped on a fireball, but kept jumping and two seconds later, you were in.

You need to analyze the damage you were taking. Sometimes landing on a fireball isn’t so bad. Sometimes using heavy cold shoulder on the ground to get close, even if you get hit by a few fireballs, isn’t so bad. If your opponent isn’t smartly hitting you out of the air every time you jump, just jump around a bit.

When I watch the match you posted, I see someone who doesn’t really know where they want to be on screen. You had openings but didn’t take them, because you didn’t know if it was a good idea or a bad idea. If you can fix that, you’ll do much better.

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hhahaahh :sweat_smile: thats right i was become frustrated after the first match tho.
in the first match i jumped or did a light and medium cold sholde and resultats( always twoo firebals in my face then slide kick and combo few times)
after that i was just looking to have the good distance to make the high punch shatter ( i did it once then its was succefull then he undertund it and when i get a lil closer to do it agin thats slide kick before my shatter come out the ground lol :smiley:
and also for taking the fireballs damage isn’t the problme ( thats just he combos me after the twice nn stop fireball for example ( i did cold shoulder i take the first charge of fireball then directly the twice and + slide kick ) lomfao he was really a professional of fireball spamming believe me :disappointed_relieved:. he just wanted us to stay till time out.
thats the reason why i was frustrated.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: