SHAGO teleport

ARE there a way to have a intelligent shago jago teleport? thats just annoying how peoples use that tool.
i dont know for you guys but i feel like its really a shago yolo characters, a TP with autocorrection even if you jump why?
How do you want peoples to play intelligently with this character?
How do you want peoples to react on it beside been in a corner for avoid it?

Shago is a cross-up character.
So his teleport is a must-have to his gameplay.

I know it’s annoying, but if he fails his cross-up he has a big weakness, due to his frame after his moves.
There are some ways to avoid it.
Because fight with Shago is a fight vs yourself and a mindgame.

Jumps, catch, wait for his fail cross-up/slide kick.

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This needs to be in the Shago Forum because it has alot to do with Shago.

As for how to deal with it, anticipate where he goes, alot of Shago gameplay I’ve seen had Shago teleport with a jump heavy kick, since I was Cinder at the time I could well time my trailblazer and juggle him.

Burnouts so damn good to cash on those : p

Fighting Shago require’s paitence, you have to see what he does and figureout where he’s going, then defend and punish.

bro his TP looks like random, i can understand why most pro player dont use him anymore, hes really was made for random players

Lol how is it random? The player decides how far it will teleport. That’s it. There’s nothing random about it.

In some instances, as the blocker, you will be put into a 50/50, where you kinda can’t really react but have to guess. Seeing as how shago’s damage is so low, his reward for actually landing the 50/50 is pretty low. On the other hand, his risk is very high, as the move is highly punishable on reaction, if he fails the 50/50.

So yeah, I’d say the risk/reward is skewed against shago, so don’t complain too much when you get hit, just punish it when you do block, and the shago player will have more right to complain than you do x’D Only surged divekick is safe, but he still gives up his turn if you block it.

As for smart play, well, a good shago player won’t really spam random unsafe specials. If he does, just play patient and block, and you will most likely win. A good shago player will wear you out with zoning, spacing and footsies and keep landing small combos for small cashouts, without risking too much.

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Firstly, who do you use when you find yourself fighting shago? Cause that character may have tools to fiht it.

Secondly: Fighting a yolo Shago can make things easy for you since the person playing Shago isn’t putting any thought into their strategy or not much to account for what happens IF you defend and punish.

It’s not hopeless, hell I’ve killed quite a few Shago’s myself.

Instead of asking if you can make a shago player teleport more intelligantly, you should ask how to deal with a teleporting shago, if they’re smart after you’ve punished every time they messed up a teleporting attack they will be more intelligant with their strategy, or they lose.

What do you mean player decides the distance of the TP? HOW?

dashing forward is a static and same distance tp.

dashing (tp) + kick (depends on which kick) = heaven kick on a static side.

YOu jut need to know which kick button is doing the designed kick^^

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What @Hogarn said. Dash is always the same distance, dive kick teleport distance depends on the strength of the kick button used to do the move and, well, teleport slide is always right behind you.

I guess I misread your post. It reads as if the teleport can have the distance changed. I know dive kick has distance attached to strength.

Oh, well, I was assuming the OT always meant the dive kick when he mentions TP. Because how can the dash be random? O_o

The only thing mildly annoying about the divekick is that he can appear on one side but then re-cross up on the way down. It sucks because you’ll see him reappear, block accordingly, get crossed up by pure luck.


Shago’s teleport is reactable and readable. His oki though is where it gets tough. But you CAN jump back press a button and it’ll stuff his dive kick out of the air. you CAN dp on reaction to his dive kick. you CAN jab him out of teleports an surge slides. you can just be patient play neutral and win pretty easily. he shouldn’t be played yolo, bummy people do that.

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