Shago release date

I know, I was just playing. :blush:

They’ve said it takes like a month to get a character up and running. Seems like they’d have to do considerably less work on Shago than a totally new person. Putting it out in November, when they started working in what, May?, seems like a long time. Maybe they’re holding him back just to fill the gap between season 2 and 3 a bit.


I was wondering if they held him back for that reason. I also thought what if they held him back because he’s getting an updated story, legitimate accessories, and colors. The most plausible thing could be they held him back also because they were developing Rash in between these months.

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I actually think Shadow Jago is going to be tougher than the other characters to design, from a fighting standpoint (obviously the character model is long finished). Because he is stealing moves from Jago, and from the boss version of Shadow Jago and trying to get those elements into a fighting style that is balanced, not too much of a “clone” and still meets all the expectations people have for the character, I think it is likely to be really difficult. I can see them taking their sweet time doing that.


That seems like sound logic to me. It’s certainly possible that they’re holding him back for a reason, but I can’t imagine he’s been an easy character to reimagine from a gameplay perspective.

Still, I’m really hoping that we hear something soon (anyone know if we’re getting a textual stream tomorrow?). The last concrete claim that I can recall was the claim that he’d be out by the end of the year (if I recall correctly).

October seems like a good time to release him given how he looks and it could be a way to celebrate Halloween. To me, that makes just as much, if not more sense than November’s 2 year anniversary, but who knows, both seem slightly plausible.

Yeah same, I’m still waiting for Shago. But many of us predict that he could release before or after Rash is gone.

From the only time he was shown he looked like he could be ready soon. My guess is that by the last day of Rash being available we will get his trailer and the following day him. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Another theory of mine is that he will be available after all the shadows are out.

Either next month in October or in November for the release of Shadow Jago

Hope so, this absence of info is unsettling.

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Didn’t they say “by the end of the year?” We may not get the new Jago until December. I can’t imagine they are done with him right now. We only saw concepts so far. Optimism would tell me October but I know what happens when I speculate with KI.