Shago release date

I’m kinda getting annoying waiting for him without any kind of knowledge when he drops was there ever a date dropped


No date yet. We speculate the end of Rash beta will be the omen for Shago’s arrival.


So he’s Shago’s herald too? :smile:


imo you should unlock him when u beat him in the secret boss fight

That’s not truth.

(This is False, I have failed you all!)

Keits teased Shagos release date on Twitch a while ago saying “you better grab your candy”. So Im going for a Halloween release


I hope they release Shadow Jago on my birthday Oct 7!

I have been put on blast by Keits. Someone lied to me about what he said. Sorry for the miss information.

Yeah hes probably on nda terms is probably why he said he didn’t say tht but it could go either way

I heard that Shadow Jago is going to be release this coming November. Again this is what I heard, that’s all

Pretty sure “what people hear” has proven to be significantly inaccurate. Especially after Gamescom reveal.

I think they learned their lesson between the end of S1 and S2. Whenever they give us a date for anything people freak out and act crazy. A two day delay? Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Better to tell us immediately before he releases.

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The Killer Instinct twitter page, at one point tweeted saying “Who here’s getting Shadow Jago on the 30th?” and then that tweet was taken down very soon after. Could be a leak or something, but I’m not sure.


I’d say November 22nd I mean it’s the game’s 2 year anniversary, why not?


The game turns 2 on Nov. 22. So, it would be the second anniversary. Math… The more you know.


That is true, time flies it just feels like it, nonetheless I feel it would make sense on the anniversary

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That was Ultimate source retweeting the community shadow jago fund for some reason. At least that is what I saw when I went back and looked the KI post about shadow jago on the 30th was from April.

Yea, I saw that too. Pretty sure it wasn’t any kind of leak.

He means “omen” as in something that’s coming soon, like a sign. Not necessarily the character Omen.

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i dont know why they censored “blo w”