Shago needs a select screen sound effect

He rolls out and it’s dead silence. Everyone else has a sound effect. The silence is deafening! Put a growl in or something.


I didn’t notice that but you’re right.

Also his survival mode ladder art needs to be updated with his hero art.

ha, judging by how jago has his eyes closed on the VS screen still, they arent ever gonna fix it, or put in sound effects

Yeah Jagos eye always being closed is just annoying and I can’t believe theyve never fixed it.

He’s a monk, he’s meditating before his fight. Its realistic to leave it broken :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was going to post this in suggestions/feedback, but glad someone other than myself noticed a sound issue. :smile:
The irony of this situation? Shago had a sound when he was the Jago clone. What they’ve done to break it is beyond me. However, I’d like something a little different to fit the new character. maybe they’re working on that.

Other than that a lot of the sound design is spot on. The only thing I can’t quite come to terms with is the dash. It just sounds… out of place.

But back on topic, I agree he needs a sound for the select screen.

Yes please! Looks like they must have over looked this small detail…I’m confident he will get his grunt soon.
They still have to fix a few things and add in the “Punish” HUD stuff or whatever its called.

Now that you mention it. They should announce the opponent’s name before each fight like season 1 survival as well

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I agree. Definitely put that in in the ladder.

Yeah it needs an update.

There really isn’t anything to fix with Jago’s closed eyes, the shorter loading times just happen to last the right amount of time to catch him blinking. Even if they changed when he blinks the possibility is always there for a load to catch it. It happens to other characters as well.

Looks like it’s time for a new announcer. Since old one is gone and we are getting a lot of new characters soon.

Guess while we’re on the topic of Jao as well, Jago’s knee pads for his other colors still needs to be fixed.