Shadow skins ideas

What do you want shadow skins to look like? Do you want them more like mimics but purple, should they look kindve like omen or like shadow jago all evil and corrupt.


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Definitely purple. Hopefully they add the options for accessories on these types of skins.

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NO! my ideas again! JK :grin:



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There should only be the character’s shadow, on the ground.

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I’m sure they’ll just be purple mimics.

With a black/dark blue aura.

I would want unique models like shago

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from that sneak pic it looks just like a rcolor. No VFX effects?!?

I do not like these skin mimic and shadow …
Green Smoking is bad, uncared for.
should be given a stronger color to the skin, some characters have only the green skin and the clothes of the original color …

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This is the consequence of what people want, “we want more skins” and IG them satisfied, with the result that we get careless stuff.
I do not believe that these skins are needed, we have 9 colors for each character, lots of accessories, retro costumes … and people still want skin? … -.-
I hoped it was the shadow version of each character, Iago / shadow Jago …
however it is only the purple mimic.

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i want more stages!

Don’t forget about Ultimates for all characters too…

forget about it. I lost my hope on their comeback… Its getting too late 2_0_1_7

I guess it would have been too much work to give the characters the shadow jago treatment. They would have basically had to make like over 25 new character designs.

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No… Don’t lost your hope yet… Remember survey? There’s Ultimates in survey. That’s why I believe we will see Ultimates in Season 4.

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i hope you’re right pal. Season 4 should be focused on stuff. Not expensive things like a bunch of new characters. We got plenty of them and its already a good start for KI.

But what concerns me is that DEFINITIVE EDITION disc. Will them release another physical copy after ultimate/no mercy?

Sorry but im skeptical about this.