Shadow Sabrewulf Community Fund

For the sake of variety, I say NO to more shadow characters (regardless of who it is). Shadow Jago and Omen are enough, IMO. Besides, it’s not canon at all, since the current iteration of KI is a complete reboot. Just because it happened in previous games doesn’t mean it has to happen in this 1 - also, you said it appeared in a specific character ending. Didn’t different things happen in different endings (for example, a character dies in 1, but lives in another)? More shadow characters becomes redundant (characters, skins, or otherwise), and we don’t need that. Not at all…


I think the idea was that Gargos loses the fight this season and takes over Sabrewulf after the “season” is over…

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Returning characters (only Eyedol left) > new characters > guest characters > shadow characters

If I have to choose, it would be Eyedol and new characters period. No more guest/shadow chars.

I’m a bit afraid for a third guest. In the botton of the character panel in the store, where you choose the accesories, there is a 3 characters spot, similar to Jago, Wulf and Glacius in the top. I belive if a third guest makes it, he/she, Rash and Arbiter will be reallocated there.

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We will ask shadow mode for all characters! It is much better!!

All characters with Shadow super OP mode and we can call the Shadow Killer game

New IP clones! It would be much better guys! And we pay double for it, with shadow money! OMshadowGod! the best IP ever!

jesus shadow christ…

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SO If Gargos does posses Sabrewulf, does that mean he’ll get his back dash back? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No more shadow characters. Make community fund for additional stage(s) or Eyedol if he is not 8th character.


I want vampire sabrewulf, vampire thunder. I also want half weakened tusk along with pre-teen kim wu, also I want european aganos.

Make riptor american with peglegs. Come on…it would be great…right?


KI staple was diverse roster. Any character based off another character, any borrowed move, etc. ruins that diversity.

No more shadow characters plz… :tired_face:

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Nonsense. I want European aganos now. I also want human form maya because why not?

Oh I ALSO want pre spy orchid complete with rookie moves and everything.

Shadow Ken lobb

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a community fund at all at this point, and…

…this is probably part of the reason why.

I want Vegan Mira :smiley:

I’m fine with Shago being the only “Shadow” character.


Next step:
Shadow Shadow Jago

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Yeah, I’d probably prefer a new character rather than versions of characters. Imagine if every single character had a shadow version. And then imagine IG decided that that wasn’t enough - that they had to go an make “holy or light” versions of each character as well!

Eyedol or new character would be much preferred for me!

Holy Hisako confirmed.

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If we’re talking about a bonus character, then it’s entirely possible the options aren’t between a brand new character or Eyedol or whatever versus a shadow character.

They might not want to go all the way and create a brand new character design with all new assets and animations as some people seem to want or prefer. So if the choice is between a shadow character that looks cool and is fun to use, or no character at all… Which one do you pick?

Personally, I think another Shadow character would be great. Another bad guy in Gargos army makes him seem more imposing (to me) and given how awesome Shago’s design is, both from a visual and gameplay standpoint… I’d absolutely love to see what a Shadow Wulf or Shadow Orchid or someone like that would look like and play like. I think that’d be a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

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if that were the case then hell yea i would take it. some people are stubborn to not want it even though the option is either it or nothing.

me personally if a s. sabrewolf were to be used i would rather it be completly different from the normal sabrewolf in playstyle. the design should also definitly emphasize this. like for example like in KI 2 have sabrewolf arms get destroyed but instead of replacing his arms with a robot arm give him a gargos infused magic/runic/psychic arm, semi incorporeal. in sabrewolve’s lore it says he dabbled in dark magic in trying to find a way to bring back his arm and reverse the curse,. i kinda want to see that realize and brought to the forefront in more ways than the blue trails and feral cancel during instinct.

what this s saberwolf playstyle revolve around mid screen area utilizing command grabs useing the arms that can stretch and lengthing. maybe even a special one that can grab someone througha projectile, like a command grab with no hurtbox on the arm almost like raven from Guilty Gear. S. sabrewolf would also set up debuffs on his opponent (remember the dark magic) that do a range of effects from Dot, damage debuff, adds frames on their special making them negative or unsafe, increase the cost of their shadow moves to a bar and a half(or quarter) through various means( a projectile or maybe a special advantage ender of sorts, maybe a trap on the ground or simply his regular grab) the more debuffs the opponent have the more damage his command grabs do and damage ender.