Shadow Sabrewulf Community Fund

Hi everyone!

While we’re anxiously counting down the days until Gargos comes back to chuck poor, defenseless Dretches at our favorite fighters, I thought that it was the perfect time to share the idea I had that I believe that many of you will appreciate:

If the KI Crew decides to do another Community Fund like last year’s fundraising efforts to make Shadow Jago a real boy, Shadow Sabrewulf is not only the strongest contender for the next potential bonus shadow character, but he’s already cannon! :wolf: :skull_crossbones: :imp:

Let’s rewind to KI2; a simpler time when Gargos believed that laughter was the best medicine, Tusk wore more makeup than the whole of Twisted Sister combined, and Sabrewulf was a psychotic cyborg lycanthrope. At the end of Orchid‘s story, Gargos comes back to possess Sabrewulf to take revenge on her, as noted in the screenshot below. (Another ending version has Gargos-possesed-Wulf taking revenge on both Orchid & Jago!) This totally makes sense, as Sabrewulf has completely fallen into madness at this point, and the recently defeated Gargos completely takes advantage of the mindless savagery to bend the monster to his will for one more round of violent revenge!

See? Shadow Sabrewulf is totally cannon in the Killer Instinct Universe! We could bring back the concept at the end of the season by having either Gargos or Omen possess Sabrewulf to create the new version of the character. Just imagine how creepy-cool Shadow Sabrewulf would be!

But there’s another excellent reason why Sabrewulf should be considered to be picked as the next potential vessel for Gargos after he gets his butt handed to him in Shadow Lords- My season 1 favorite has been hit with the nerf hammer pretty hard over the years, and if Sabrewulf was to receive a shadow version, Iron Galaxy could go nuts by not only giving many of the clipped/nerfed aspects of Sabrewulf to Shadow Sabrewulf, while experimenting with additional ways to fight, such as bringing back the charge-pounce, cartwheel, or replacing eclipse with the KI2 backflip, while bringing back Sabrewulf’s season 1 dash, the 10% damage bonus in instinct, etc. (Just a few ideas to play around with!)

At this point, why not? Sabrewulf has gone through many changes since launch day, many of which were to his damage output and mobility, while many of the newer characters have completely bonkers abilities, such as Tusk’s immense strength, or the in-your-face tracking puddle punch for Glacius. Note that I’m not complaining about the cool new stuff! The new stuff rocks! I’m just saying that it would be loads of fun to completely retool Sabrewulf from the ground up to experiment with wacky new stuff as his own character. Omen completely revamped Jago’s moveset and abilities, so just imagine what Gargos can do for Sabrewulf… :open_mouth:

Finally, in addition to getting a brand-new beast for Season 3, the 2016 Community Fund would raise much-needed money for tournaments, and perhaps they could throw in a little bone for early backers, like a special icon, color, or something else along those lines. I’m not sure how much thought fans have placed in a potential new Shadow fighter, but to me, it has to be Sabrewulf, hands down. I’m looking forward to what the community has to say, and remember- Shadow Sabrewulf is already cannon! :wink:



As feasible as more shadow characters might be according to the lore, I still think they’re a bad idea. Not only would they take away from what makes Shadow Jago a unique character, it would only serve to congest the roster with more clone characters and I’m not cool with that.

On the other hand a set of “shadow” character colors and accessory kits that make the cast look like a shadow corrupted version of their original look I’d be completely down with.


Interesting idea and great find on the old lore! Good job!

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:neutral_face: I’d rather have a brand new character funded, to be honest.


NO MORE SHADOW CHARACTERS! If anything shadow colors. Don’t waste potential on another shadow character


Lol. The more characters the better, but I think their resources would be better spent on other things.

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Omen cough


I could appreciate how it nods to that old ending but I think I would prefer there be no more shadow characters. Maybe there could be another one in KI4 but id rather get Eyedol or an all new character instead.

No more clones, no more “Shadow” versions of already existing characters! Please!


Am I the only one who see’s the contradictions here? Only difference would be one option has move set the other doesn’t. Sounds like your okay with clone characters as long as every single character looks like a shadow jago clone but none of them have special moves. To me that’s even worse than clone characters, we’d be back to the situation where people complained that Shago was just a skin.

How is that a contradiction? The difference would be that one takes up a slot on the roster and the other is an optional skin for people to play out their head-canon character fantasies.

Adding skins and costumes that don’t occupy a roster slot isn’t the same as trying to fill the screen with rehashed variants that are taking away from possible new or returning characters. I don’t want more clones, I just said an optional skin for players is a better solution than congesting the roster with needless “new” characters.

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No, NO!

For me, one of the main staples of KI series was insanely unique roster. both KI1 and 2 had really diverse cast, every warrior was unique archetype: dinosaur, skeleton, ninja, special agent, barbarian etc.

With shadow copies of existing characters, and characters re-using other chars` moves (omen), the game loses its spirit.

So, no from me.


So how do more Shadow characters not take away the uniqueness of Shadow Jago. Even if the rest are just skins they are still Shadow characters. It’s exactly what Shadow Jago was, a skin.

It would be nice to have more Shadow characters, but only two as the maximum limit. The other should be a female, just to even things out.

I don’t see it happening again with anymore characters officially… But I’m sure the PC community can do something about this via mods.

More shadow CHARACTERS would, skins not so much. Shadow Jago is the only lore based “clone” character and he’s got a canon excuse.

Adding more fully realized clones not only takes up more roster slots that could be used for more interesting cast members, it also diminishes the “lore” for Shadow Jago and the story of how he became his own person. Shadow Jago has always been canon, regardless of his origins. I’m not against adding more meaningless non-canon skins but shoehorning in more roster shadow characters just because is kind of a waste of space.

I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. I’d rather have new content and let the shadow fans have skins.

I like the concept, bu I have a few issues with this:

  1. Shadow characters I now see as a true gimmick. After Shadow Jago became a “real boy” this removed any relation to Jago for me. Consequently, if this was to be done, I’d like to see it done as a skin (revoiced, revisualised, but no move set changes).

  2. From a blindness standpoint, colours are useless and therefore just making a shadow colour/accessory set would be pointless imho (not that I’m right or anything and this game shouldn’t just cater to the blind players among this fanbase, but still).

  3. However, I like the idea, certainly. Would be interesting to see even as a mod. If only we knew how to inject sounds back into the PC version we could look at throwing a re-voice/sound redesign together.

Maybe have any skins that might take up separate slots as bonus content for ultra edition owners?

Honestly, I liked shadow Jago and he is a unique character, but I prefer new characters at this time, It will help KI universe to expand

I don’t mind another Shadow character in Season 4 “if it happened” and I would choose Maya to be a crazy fighter then Mira back to sacrifice herself again for her sister but this time to bringed her good again

While wulf is a prime candidate for possession, I think Gargos is possessing people he find to be a potential theat.

Sabrewulf isn’t a problem, if Thunder and Aganos hadn’t of shown up. Wulf probably would’ve just lounged around the manor on the daily…

One of the main thing I like about KI is the diversity of characters - please don’t start doing clones instead of entirely new characters.

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Besides, poor Wulf has enough problem with Lycantrophy, leave him be,