Shadow Punches is too good

So far, this is my only issue with Gargos. He does NOT need a move that tracks you down, even if it is a Shadow move. It’s already impossible to escape it and is guaranteed damage and chip damage.

It would be more balanced if it just attacks where the “opponent” was last seen.

Unless there is some way around it since even Mira’s mist doesn’t allow her to escape.

It barely does any damage so just block it.


So it would be useless then. The whole point is that you’re spending meter for a homing attack.


Sasuke: That barely any damage means chip wins on magic pixels without huge risks with meter.

TrustfulWhale: It’s a bit too much when it is inescapable. I’d understand something like Nova’s energy javelin from UMVC3.

You’re acting like playable Gargos is OP already. Shadow Lords Gargos hasn’t even arrived.

Oh? Let’s complain about Hype beam to with that magic pixel. Just hit him and it all stops.

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Oh and guess what,it does 0 damage on chip.

Wow already :laughing: it hasn’t even been 12 hours since his release.

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Shadow punches is his absolute worst use of meter.

Chipping someone out on a magic pixel is probably the only valid use of it, so I’m glad it has at least ONE use.

People in general stress out too much about dying on a pixel of life. You made 25 mistakes in the rest of the match to get put in this situation, and now you’ll complain about the 26th mistake you’ll make as if the others don’t matter? If you’re in this spot you deserve to lose the round.


To my knowledge it is pretty easy to keep you pinned. I think if it had a bit more of a start up I’d be fine with that.

Honestly I think the issue is when people use it in the raw. When you do that you waste a crap ton of meter for that.
Shadow Oblivion is best used as a linker for breaker bait.

I love it when he uses meter on shadow puddle punches. Better that than Izzik or Dreck. Those little fuckers are annoying :unamused:

It’s the homing that annoys me the most. It’s just a bit too much in my opinion.

I’ve only seen one of them ONCE in my matches against one Gargos, just hit that blue guy twice and he went out. What can he do?

Mostly just poke at you, but when done well, Gargos gets to use him to help lock you down. If you hit the assist you’ll get punished for it, and if you sit and block Gargos gets free mixups. Once he’s in instinct with two assists, then he can just maul you endlessly in the corner - there’s too much pressure for a heavy button to come out, and his armor will ignore anything else you try to do him (and throw will also get stuffed or avoided if the setup/spacing is solid).

Wow, I need to see that in action. Sounds like Marvel’s Doom assist lol.

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