Shadow Moves

More punishable shadow moves without the use of a shadow counter.

This is a really weak post, to the point I’m tempted to remove it.


Why should shadows, which use meter, be more punishable? Which ones? How? How does your idea integrate into the combo system? How do you justify the use of meter, but with more risk?

/show your work

Note: apply the same response to your other very weak post as well.


All his threads have been like that. A title and a post saying change that.

I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding as to how he believes the suggestion forums to function.

you can just go ahead and remove it

Daaaaaaaaaam! Tell em Ish!

how about instead you back your suggestion up with some examples? I’d rather promote good discussion.


And to think that there are plenty of casual players getting around saying that shadow moves aren’t strong enough: people love building up meter, and want their reward – their super flashy badass moment that they spent a resource on – to be powerful and blow ■■■■ up and not crumple to anything other than an even more badass-looking flashy move.

But I guess OP might be thinking that shadow moves are meant to be the sort of flashy moves that cause a lot of damage and turn the tide of the fight if they hit, but get punished hard if they whiff (i.e. supers); whereas shadow moves are more the sort where you take a character’s (already good) specials and add even more good properties to them (i.e. EX moves). Making shadow moves more punishable across the board would tend to defeat the design intent of augmenting special moves with extra utility. In fact, the startup freeze already weighs shadow moves down, and indeed does make shadow moves more punishable under certain circumstances (e.g. DPing during the freeze if you weren’t caught pressing buttons).

So yeah, Ishmae1 does the polite thing by asking for elaboration, but this is just a bad idea.