Shadow mode: Shadow points / XP, instability


In the new year, I am really keen on hearing your plans or ideas for Shadow Lab.

Especially, the meaning behind points acccumulated in the Shadow lab. Training shadows is fun and it would be nice if the points you wager or gain actually serve a purpose. I didn’t expect such a mode to be my favorite single player mode, but it is.

One thing that comes and goes are the crashes with each update. I have had little issues up until 2.10 but recently sound issues, crashing when challenging friends, etc. occur quite often. I hope you guys keep caring about Shadow mode, because it is That good.

Thanks for such an interesting mode. The video and guide on Shadow Lab that was recently (re)shared should be sticky (yes, we can pin it but not everyone has seen it). Looking forward to hearing more about it in the new year. Please don’t kill it. It’s like an interesting training mode.