Shadow mode - Not saving progress

I’ve been playing shadow mode for a while as I really love it. Has anyone else noticed that it doesn’t save your progress A LOT. Sometimes, my survival score gets updated, but most of the time, it does not.

I’ve played and beaten just about everyone in the 250sp tier about 50 times, but I rarely get the points and I NEVER see their loses increase. Doing a direct challenge, their loses NEVER increase.

What gives?

I don’t think their publically displayed loss count changes until they log in and accept rewards/view bounties.

On the records not getting updated, I think that it should update regardless of whether they log in or not.

I finally figured out that your survival score is the max score that you’ve gotten in survival. Easiest way of course is to just beat up on the approximately 10 people in the 250sp tier repeatedly. Easy to do as they haven’t been updated in a LONG time and you figure out what works against them and boom.