Shadow matchs

Why is it so hard to get on a shadow match, even on shadow lords, or survival? I try to enter and it said something like connection to shadow failed, try again or no. We try press A many times and it doesn’t work, then we exit a few times and try again and sometimes after 10 try it finally worked. Why?

In shadow survival do not press A when that screen shows up. I know it’s counter intuitive. But the ladder off opponents are already set. When you get this error message the system is trying to connect to that one Aria shadow (or whichever shadow) when you hit no or B the system will look for any Aria shadow.

So I should do nothing and the match will start?
In shadow lords shadow match too?
I had a shadow lords fight earlier today and this one didn’t want to start because he could connect to the shadow server.
I’ll try this in survival shadow but on shadow lords, I don’t think this will works as we need to push A to start the fight and this is at this moment that the error occur.

I have no answer for what’s going on in shadow Lords. But for shadow survival when you get that error message do not pick try again. That will just put you in a never ending loop. Instead hit B and it will find you someone else who has that shadow. You may have to hit B a couple of times but it won’t be an infinite loop.

What Screbor said. If it gives you the error, press B to go back and try again. Might take a couple of tries but I get it to work this way.

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It seems better now thanks