Shadow "Lords"

What the hell did they do with Gargos in Shadow Lords? I played it on normal (i played it before) removed all buffs, he revived and revived… RAGE QUIT. Now he is definitely unbalanced, before it was but now… Its like just cancel the mode.


He’s supposed to be like that. You’re not meant to beat him fairly… To be fair though, I can’t play it cause my Xbox is broken. So I can’t tell you what a good way to beat him is.

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you do realize he needs full instinct to revive, just kill him while he’s instinct mode

Welcome to the club.

Every character you try him with he gets an extra third life bar. So if you try him with all three of your characters, that’s three more life bars for Gargos.

[quote=“FulMetalSnorlax, post:3, topic:14875, full:true”]
you do realize he needs full instinct to revive, just kill him while he’s instinct mode
[/quote]That’s actually not true. I tried him again today and purposefully waited him out until he had started instinct and he still auto-revived with a full bar of health.

Really? I’ll have to wait till I give it another go this weekend.

At least when i tried it that’s how it went down, I figured it was like TJ but after killing him he still came back and killed me.

Yeah I played him on challenging difficulty, had three characters, all with consumables and guardians equipped and still got destroyed. Like barely a scratch on him. He zipped around the screen. Taking half a life bar with a few punches, and that was with all but his heart removed.

Was it frustrating? Sure. But while I’d be inclined to say that this makes the previous few hours feel a tad pointless, the point isn’t to beat jump the first go through. It’s to keep building your team up. More buffs, better buffs,and see more of the story with more of the characters.

I fully expect to see missions that were labeled impossible and very hard to be less so the more times I go through, which I plan to do many more times.

Wait, he gets 1 lifebar PER character!? You mean I could’ve been using only 1 character and beating him this entire time!? Aw, man!!! :confounded:

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Imo, the first time i met Gargos, i was like:
“Ok I removed all of his OP buffs.
It only remains him dat Shadow buff, but it could be fine for me.
3 main Characters with OP consum and guardians…It’ll be easy to deal with.”

On Normal Difficulty, the first time i met him, he blasted me off the screen.

At this time, i laughed so hard. Because:
-I feel so happy to fight a REAL BOSS. A REAL Shadow Lord.
Just like when you’re fighting OP Shago in Arcade Mode.
==>It’s like the normal one, but it doesn’t at all xD.
1 shadow meter for 2 minions. Dat KoF escape damnit!!
And dat revive!! I never, EVER, didn’t expected this xD.
It was like if Gargos said: “Ok. I’m done training. Lets fight!”

Kudos, IG. You made him really damn good xD.

Imo, if it was a normal Gargos, it wouldn’t be so epic, even on Godlike lol.


Thanks for the replys, im gonna try to beat him again. But jesus… He is so op now if you dont know what you’re doing. Even a challenge on normal now… I mean yes, feels like a boss… Hard to beat.

I’ve been complaining about his difficulty the last 2 days being a whiny crybaby, but over it now, tried it on normal again and took his buffs away and got my three characters buffed up the wazoo,…and ended up killing him with my first character (Sadira, not even a main) with almost an entire bar left…