Shadow lords token redeem Code Glitch for PC NEEDS TO BE FIXED

Glitch needs to be patched This bug pls The Xbox app must support this I feel bad for pc users.

@CStyles45 Bug must be fixed.

Neither a glitch nor a bug. Beta is on XBone. Nothing to be fixed.

As a fellow PC player, my suggestion is to take the opportunity to turn one of your friends w an XBone onto KI. I gave my code to my little brother, who had never played KI, and he and his buddy now ask me all sorts of questions of the ‘gittin gud’ nature.

Pay it forward, man. Launch is in 7 days anyway.

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I played SL but my friend can’t get in

Then my advice is for him/her, then. Either way, beta is XBone only and launch is next week. Patience or good karma, either works.