Shadow Lords on 'Godlike' difficulty?

Achievement in upcoming Shadow Lords mode:
Hardcore (15G)
Defeat Gargos on Godlike difficulty

How are you all planning on doing this? I’m hoping to iron out some strategies early because this one looks unrealistic and impossible! I know Shadow Lords isn’t out yet, but it’s probably similar to fighting highest-difficulty AI opponents. It’s probably comparable to that once Gargos’ buffs are removed. Maybe some projectile spam will work like I did for Aria’s Hard-difficulty story ending? Let me know your AI-breaking strategies!
The obvious advantage will be to equip whatever the best buffs are in the game, but I feel that’s not enough to win.

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Yeah, I was wondering that myself.

Maybe that’s what they call it when Gargos has all of his buffs active?

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I was under the impression that Shadowlord playthroughs had selectable difficulties, with Godlike being the highest one. Or maybe what you say is true, when all of his buffs are active, he will be on Godlike difficulty.

I was thinking it was like Shadow Jago in season 1’s story mode, you have to play it on medium or higher but Shago is always on Killer or Kyle difficulty when you get to him.

As far as Gargos being hard, I’m hoping if we use 3-4 buffs ourselves it might even the playing field.

Someone said the devs couldn’t even get 10% health off Gargos when playing on normal with all buffs.
Please tone down the difficulty before it releases, Iron Galaxy! FFS that’s just stupid if that’s true.

The goal is to remove those buffs before you fight him. You defeat the various Omen spawns to remove Gargos’s buffs. Going in to fight Gargos without taking off his buffs is SUPPOSED to be a stupid idea.

Especially if you’re playing on the highest difficulty mode, you should be expected to take every advantage you can because Boss Gargos, like Boss Shadow Jago and Classic Eyedol, is designed to be a royal pain in the bum. This will be exponentially increased the higher the difficulty goes.

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Yeah, removing the buffs is what I originally meant all along. Even with taking all his buffs off, we’re probably up against a killer/kyle Gargos, which I still wouldn’t be able to beat. So I made this thread, wondering what cheesey tactics are out there. We have the entire cast of characters to use, so something has to work better than others, regardless of player skill.

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Just select Fulgore,get the infinite Shadow meter buff,go full screen and spam hype beam.


Or Omen? xD

You’ll land Demonic Despair sooner or later. lol

Then you get portal punched for half your life because it’s -200000000000000000 on block. Have fun.

Instant combo breakers,

On an opener?

Opener alone does as much damage as a hype beam?

Well his sweep did 40% damage. And that’s only 2% stronger then his Light portal punch. So you do the math on that one.

I really think this will be impossible because unlike shadow jago you don’t get to keep retrying once you lose you have to start all over. So to me this achievements will make me cry.

A god on Godlike difficulty

I don’t like that I have this list of achievements that I can’t unlock for another 2 months. That is sort of bogus. My hope is that Shadow Lords is released early for those of us who already own S3.

I do like the idea of the Fulgore beam. Jago’s big fireballs spammed might work. If there is unlimited instinct, then Shadow Jago move comes to mind.

I’m not looking forward to this. Probably an impossible achievement currently as the accessibility currently won’t allow me to play the mode without a large amount of help.

good luck to those who attempt it.