Shadow lords multiplayer

I don’t know if this has been discussed… but would it be possible to have online shadowlords runs like with rift runs in diablo. Not sure how this would work but thought it sounded cool hahah. Help new players learn from more exp

Let’s hope for a new crowfund to increase the quality of Shadow Lords. Like i’ve said a dozen times before, SL should be a tag team co-op mode.
But its most likely there aint gonna be a season 4. After the release of the definitive edition there’s no much left to do with the game. Just think how epic it could be team up with your friends or even though pro players… Im ok with the the game design of SL except for the lack of dynamic gameplay. Static RPG are so outdated. With KI its always like this, something always lacking. It’s almost 2017 and we have no word about ultimate combo featuring the game at some point. Perhaps its just too late now.

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To be honest, I like the idea of CO-OP Shadow Lords, My friends have a lot of hard time with the mode (but they are enjoying the challenge for my surprise) and that could allow me to give them a hand with my plenty of stuff (and still increasing) plus, they can learn more with the teamwork as well.


I can’t seem to find any people to play! I still haven’t tried it because of that. Unless I’m doing it wrong? Lol

I love the idea of a local coop so I can get my wife in on the action