Shadow Lords Multiplayer Concerns

What do you want from Shadow Lords multiplayer mode that will keep you engaged with it in the long-term? As far as I know we don’t know too much about this mode right now other than that it lets you take buff items from SL into a PvP mode, but I feel it’s better to talk about what would be best for the idea of this mode sooner than later.

Honestly, I’ve got a few concerns. The main ones being:

  1. The different tiers of Guardians. Will we have to wait until we have the absolute best version of a Guardian before we can confidently take ourselves online and expect to do well against other players? What if a player I’m matched with has far worse buffs than me? It’s no fun worrying if I’m going to run into someone I’ll just effortlessly stomp others or get stomped myself just because one player happened to have much better buffs. I do this mode to feel fair toward both players no matter what.

  2. Balance, specifically the insane power of some of the items in Shadow Lords. Some of the Guardians and Consumables just sound really cheap to fight with and frustrating to fight against in PvP. While the mutual cheapness both players bring in could balance things out, it makes me worry about the consistency and fun factor of this mode.

  3. How intricately connected the multiplayer will be the resources in the single-player SL mode. Will we have to farm consumables and gems to recharge guardians in the SP version in order to play the MP? I’d rather just have all options available all the time in the PvP and I get to choose my loadout however I please without having to worry about such limitations.

Basically I want this mode to avoid issues that will make it feel too random, hassle-y, and noncompetitive to be fun. I really like the idea of players competing with custom buffs in a mode that manages to mix up the online multiplayer AND remain a solidly-designed and engaging experience over a long period.

The guardians effect aren’t really that different from average to perfect, as long as they are the same tier and not as weak as possible then the difference should be negligible.

I think the whole point of this mode is that it is goofy and unbalanced and noncompetitive. We already have a primary competitive multiplayer mode that is very balanced, the idea of putting time in to make 2 multiplayer modes with different rules perfectly balanced without making character changes specific to each version is insane!

I REALLY HOPE NOT! By the sounds of things you will actually win astral gems in the multiplayer mode. I’m not sure if consumables will remain consumed after the match, but that would seriously limit exhibition matches.

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I just don’t want a ranked version. Regular rank has enough bitterness.

The whole point of the mode is that it’ll be unbalanced and that people will get stomped. My guess and hope is that it’ll be like Heroes and Heralds, and we all know how broken that mode was:


I think the Multiplayer will just be Player VS Player with Consumables and Guardians and that is it.

lol that gif is EPIC :joy:

Yeah that very well could be the intention, but I worry about the longevity of the mode if that’s the case. What’s going to stop people from getting bored of it after a week and never returning in favor of regular multiplayer matches?

I couldn’t mind a co-op mode tbh, with 2 of my friends.

The whole point of the mode is crazy unbalanced fun, I think its supposed to be unfair and stupid.

That’s exactly what I am thinking

Nothing. But its there if you want it. Halo’s Warzone Turbo mode is a similar thing (though it only runs for limited times), where you start the game at REQ level 9 with everything unlocked and go at it. I really enjoyed that, it was broken but it was a lot more plain fun than the regular mode.

Um, another thing i was thinking, is that the Shadow lords multiplayer could be a weekly or montly fight for the earth. When the week or month starts, the players can choose a team to join (Earth or Gargos), if team gargos is choosed, the players will use always a mimic skin and if the earth is choosed…well, they can use normal colors, lol.

The amount of corruption could be determinated by the win/lose ratio of both teams, as a example the more wins have Gargos, more the corruption will be.

…Pretty much like heroes and heralds XD

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Weekly rewards, that were already confirmed.

So you want to do what MKX does?

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As I understand the mode it isn’t something I’ll touch more than a few times. It might be fun for having a laugh with mates but I’d still rather play classic pvp for fun. The fun didn’t last long for me in the mkx modifier mode.