Shadow Lords MP frustration!

Anyone else try to get down on shadow lords mp and keep running into people with nothing equipped at all and if they play again they keep not equipping stuff. I feel a little guilty because it’s usually a massacre running into equipped characters. But go play ranked if you want to play straight up!

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Guilty? Nope, You wanna play in bigger sandbox, gona have to get used to it.

Dunno about others, but I just play that to get the daily rewards. Don’t wanna spend any items on it.

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I’m with Dooby. Only play to get items. Eventually my well-tuned Aria without items beats a level 5 Jago with items. If I win 1 out of 5 then I get all the items anyway. My current favourite is going for combo, counter-breaker, combo, counter-breaker, etc - that depletes their ram pretty quick.

Dang is it that hard to get items and recharge guardians?i have 10+ of everything and never have a problem recharging guardians. I guess I can see the challenge there. Would be tricky with killer fractured ward and pickle juice. Are the draws for guardian that bad? I have a perfect killer fractured ward and 2 epic fractured wards. So I guess I’m a little lucky here too

Yeah, I played it, and everyone is just going in with nothing equipped. It’s kinda not fair. :confused:

I think most don’t realize.
I’ve been seeing level1-7 and they are completely demolished by my characters

They added shadows multiplayer to the main multiplayer select screen and I think newcomers are confused as to the details of that fight.

It may be more clear if they leave shadow lords mp to the shadow lords menu only

Dude totally agree. More often it is qualifier level 1-5 characters. Hopefully they update menus to help them out

I tried to play earlier and I couldn’t find a match. When someone finally matched up they left at the READY screen. Like why would you leave? This isnt a fair fight… so it shouldn’t matter if you are gold and Im killer.

So I havent had a chance to try it yet… but Id like too!

Maybe you were playing a character they didn’t like

I wouldn’t feel guilty, there are ways to play the system to get more than enough resources to use items every single time. With playing Shadow Lords daily, multiple clears of Gargos, doing all my Multiplayer, I still have over 40,000 astral energy. Have a solid 34 odorous hearts with the ability to craft about 100 more if I choose. If they don’t want to prepare or enjoy Shadow Lords MP for what it is, that is up to them. Don’t let someone else take away your joy. Sometimes I see how much cheese I can get away with with Jago. Jago + Instinct + Battle Stim MK 1 infinite shadow = full refill unbreakable. It is hilarious! Or pick Tusk with a Hammer of Sol watch the 30-35% chunks of life disappear from unblockable heavies.
Here is a video, always remember Shadow Lords MP goes both ways, they can have infinite everything too just depends how you use it. There are some characters who do things much better than others, so you might even start playing a different character in SL MP.


Dude kept happening to me tonight. And it’s usually people in the top20. Cmon is it really legit if you cherry pick matches :roll_eyes:

The thing with Shadow Lords MP is the fact that a lot of people rely too much on their guardians and consumables. Every Guardian can be played around with almost any character if you do it right. The Vid I posted prior of the Jago Mirror, that guy I think is top 5? I’m top 10, how easily I took that match should show how SL MP goes. It isn’t like exhibition. More or less Jago is basically a monster in SL because he can almost have 4 life bars. I choose him because he is the best at dealing with all guardians. Good normals for armor, good defence for snake, excellent mixup offence to beat exemplar, vampire bat and ram don’t do a whole lot unless you are actually comboing. I just throw a lot more vs Ram players. Normal into opener into reset mixup or throw so they can’t use their guardian anyways. That’s how you gotta treat SL MP. It is easy to take matches and I don’t cherry pick. I’ve played every match I’ve gotten. I just happen to have learned very fast and have all killer guardians. I have an excess of consumables so I use them too. A lot of people just don’t go into MP with anything on, so it is a gimme match.