Shadow Lords mode activating consumables instead of combo breakers

When I activate my guardian the announcer calls it out as normal but instead of actually activating my guardian it activates my consumable instead.

Two things.

  1. For some reason using a consumable triggers the guardian callout.
  2. Some genius decided to map taunt AND MP+MP to right on the right stick, leading to accidentally popping a consumable when you do a medium counter break unless you push left.

Maybe that has something to do with it?

Are you serious? How did that get through testing? That would explain it though. I’ll have to avoid using right on the right stick for ram breakers.

Thanks for the info.

Apparently it’s by design. Yeah, poor design.

Regarding the Ram, I think if you put the right breaker command it shouldn’t use a psychic breaker charge anyway.

Even more so now I just got a Killer tier one. You get 8 psychic breakers but they never recharge. So even when you do the correct break you use a charge you will never get back.

In some ways it’s actually worse than Epic.

You might want to change the misleading/clickbait title. It isnt actually happening on it’s own.

That’s a mess, but I get what your saying. I was pretty Mad when I found out a quarter of the way through my initial playthrough , that I had been using my consumables without intending to do so. When i realized what was causing it. Oh boy. :rage:
At the very least they should add and option to toggle it on or off. Just add an extra thingy to the “Controller” section of options. I break Mediums and counter break combos by using my Right Thumbstick and pushing it to the right. I ALWAYS Combo break in that direction, and now I have to change for Shadow Lords and Shadow Lords multiplayer.

I wouldn’t call it a clickbaity title, OP genuinely didn’t know what was going on.

Who knows? It could still be something else.

Uhm. Wat?
They already stated that your controller will taunt when you flick the rThumbstick to the right.

It’s actually good design. Because some consumables were intended to be activated mid combo. And pressing the actual taunt button can be cumbersome.

Just gotta get used to it is all. Put the left direction into muscle memory.

I wouldn’t mind if I could choose it to not be medium counter break as well, it appears to be performing both functions.

Also for those of us with right stick right muscle memory, the option of moving consumable to RS left would be nice.

I have right stick to muscle memory. But I’m also adapting to it.

Yes i noticed togging when I activated my consumable the game yelled out " Psychic Breaker!!!"
i was like WTF? I didnt even combo break? Why is it doing that? I dont even think the consumable even worked to be honest LOL

It’s not good design to bind two actions to one input. You make a good point about the taunt button being hard to reach during combos, though. So why didn’t they bind the second input for consumables to the currently unused R3 button instead?

On the one hand there’s clearly a bug with the announcer, which is totally messing with people, and on the other: if this is a ‘feature’ I would like the option to re-bind/unbind consumables from right on the right stick. You know, like you can with every other action in the controls menu except this.