Shadow lords mainly liked or disliked by community?

What do most of you guys think? Is it good or bad? I’m undecided. Its kind of bitter sweet. I like that it’s different and has story elements plus that new stage. On the other hand I don’t like these nerf/buff micro transactions. Seems like an Android/iOS game. Some people have already paid over 120 dollars for the game. I’ll just have to wait until I play it before I say it’s bad or good.

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You can completely not buy the buffs.

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Seems like a loaded question then. :\

Yea but they seem to be very important for the mode

My question is What does the majority of the Community think, do you like it or do you dislike it? I haven’t formed my final opinion so I wanna know what you guys think

If crafting is something like getting new accessories or colors, then I’m all for it.
As a story mode, not too thrilled.

I shamefully admit to that. I love KI but feel like I could’ve spent my money a bit better.

I’ll let you know when I play it.


A traditional ladder with story similar to season 1 and 2 separate from shadow lords would be great. I myself have only spent 52 dollars lol I got s1 free and I got s2 for 12 bucks plus s3 ultra lol

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How about we wait until the game mode is actually available to everyone and out there before forming an opinion? Because forming an opinion off a trailer and a stream is barebones minimal exposure and seems like hardly enough to form an accurate critique of the mode.


An idea that I don’t believe has been tabled in this thread yet: maybe we won’t know until the mode has been released to the public?


Seriously, the question seems to be about whether microtransactions are inherently awful, or just contingently awful. I tend to fall in the latter camp.

Other remarks: this mode doesn’t seem like a story mode to me, but I don’t care about KI’s story so that’s okay; and if this mode doesn’t use Shadows AI then I’m probably steering clear.

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Ehhh. I don’t know man. I was expecting a full on cinematic story mode. Feel like I should just play regular ladder mode on Kyle to get the same experience they are talking about. But I don’t know. Maybe it will be fun.

Let me help you out here with the discussion. Too many lawyers on these boards.

I can tell you that I like these kind of “mini” games they showed off. It seems like good fun. I played MK for these silly challenges rather than competitively. Really happy with the idea and what I saw on stream.

Is it good or bad? Well, for the final implementation we all have to wait until we get our hands on it. But to me it looks promising.


Lol okay so you’re saying you got a positive impression from the reveal stream? That’s what I wanted to know, if people are generally feeling it or if they are not really liking what they’re seeing

My impression was positive on the gameplay aspects.

The buying stuff with KI gold and how to obtain/buy/win items is what I hope to know next in a future stream. That being said, I won’t spend a dime though, lol. I play Forza but never bought any dlc cars for example. Character costumes I’ll buy, modifiers or items for SL mode never.

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I’m really loving what I’m seeing. I’m however a mostly offline kind of guy, love the shadow lab, but usually never feel like spending a long time online, especially since my skill lvl lingers around silver/gold, could probably make killer if I spend the time on it, but I’m more of the little bit here little bit there mentality. That said, if I have friends over I could Ki all afternoon. Guess I just dont have any regulars to play to online, which is something I need, especially around my skill level, or someone who I dont mind losing against.

A mode like this however where I can fiddle with the menu’s get some story, build up my character, this will keep me stuck to my screen for a longer time, sometimes relaxed in my couch then tensed for a difficult battle. Looks really well made too. I doubt the microtransactions are that bad though, since:
1: a lot of people have saved up gold
2: people who dont mind spending the money will make the game better for everyone with investments, and in a singleplayer mode it also means it isnt 'pay to make other people lose’
3: its not a free to play game, so it isnt build around the microtransactions, its extra and Thats why I think its more of a convinience thing, then a necessity to spend money.

On thing I would like though, as mentioned by others, would be if the opponents were shadow lab based, wont be a deal breaker to me though.

Game kind of reminds me of ’ hands of fate’ or something, was a free with gold game a while back and has a sequel coming. The game was fun but had lackluster combat, which is something KI doesnt have.


I like the idea of it - that style of financing is working great for Halo.

I hope that it will be possible to unlock new accessories and new colours for characters too.

I hope it is integrated with multiplayer so you can face other players in the invasion or become a shadow lord yourself.

Would be great if you could play it with 2 or 3 players - a team facing the invasion together (though in separate matches - you are all contributing to a shared invasion situation) - final gargos battle has you take it in turns to take off as much life as possible.

Obviously all completely seperate from ranked - though I assume unlocked colours and accessories would be able to be used (if implemented)

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Looks interesting and unique. I’d rather have something like this than a basic story mode like in Season 2 I play once and never again. This looks like it has high replay value.


For fairly understandable reasons, I’m pretty disappointed. It’s not that I was getting my hopes up too high, expecting a full on cinematic story with modifiers here and there, but I’m just frustrated that I will probably get little to no enjoyment out of this mode until a workaround comes along as I’ve discussed on another thread.

However, for those who can play it, I’m happy for you.

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Oh yeah…I’m sorry about that. I didn’t consider this mode from a non visual perspective.

I don’t care anything about it. I just want that stage in VS modes, because I don’t care about any sort of story mode in fighters. A brief vitals/place of origin text summary for a character is good enough for me.

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