Shadow Lords Hype: Your Team of 3

Who will you pick?

Who will be your top 3 characters to use in Shadow Lords when it launches???

Team Captain: ARIA
Enforcer 1: SADIRA
Enforcer 2: SPINAL


I’m thinking Wulf or Tusk as captain, with the other 2 as my entourage, but I have a feeling I’m going to run through with all of them in the end.

Captain: Jago
Enforcer 1: Hisako
Enforcer 2: Either Kim Wu or Fulgore
On call: whoever of the two I didn’t pick.

IIRC, I think I have to use Jago first. Oh boy.

Afterwards I want to use:
Captain: Arbiter
Team#1: Wulf
Team#2: Hisako


Team captain: Gargos
Team#1: Arbiter
Team#2: Wulf
on call: Hisako?

Captain: Thunder
Number 1: Kan Ra
Number 2: Either Omen or RAAM.

Team captain: Omen
2nd: jago
3rd: either shago or orchid for story reasons


Backups: Wulf, Jago, and Sadira

Not necessarily in order.

Captain: Shadow Jago
Number 1: Spinal
Number 2: Eyedol


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Can’t wait till everyone gets to play with their teams. The mode is a ton of fun!


Glacius and some filler spots.

Until I can unlock Shago & Eyedol.

Shago is unlocked from the start.

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Will probably run this team with each member as captain for my first three playthroughs just to see the differences.

New Mode Hype! :tada::rage::tada:

Well yeah but I don’t know what combos aren’t allowed, such as picking Kan-Ra and that resulting in Kim-Wu being locked.

Some combination of: thunder, riptor, fulgore, sadira, and eyedol if it lets me and want to learn him

No Sadira PogChamp.

Jago on point with Kim and Tusks on support. Orchid will be on standby.

  • Orchid
  • Tusk
  • Mira
  • Kim
  • Jago
  • TJ Combo

-Captain: Jago.
-Sub 1: Orchid.
-Sub 2: Maya.

Reinforcement: Kim Wu.

  • Arbiter

  • Jago

  • Spinal or Tusk