Shadow Lords ends at 99 days

I was grinding for mimic skins during an extended play through on Normal, and on the 99th day it forced me to fight Gargos despite me having 3 uncorrupted regions.

So now you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Also no achievements or anything special for going the distance either… but I am currently #1, so that’s something!


Oh well that’s interesting to know. Thanks for posting this.

I honestly wished that if there was a turn cap, Gargos would just give up and you don’t need to fight him.
Or a cut-scene that says: “The alliance successfully re-sealed the portals and Gargos was once again trapped in the astral plane”


99 days might be true for normal mode, but not all of SL. Godlike has 1 player at 100 days and another at 107

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I saw that, but I don’t think they’re real scores from the current version of SL… If people playing on Challenging can’t even top 20 days (or beat Gargos), how did multiple people go over 20 and beat Gargos in Godlike? That just doesn’t make sense on any level…

My impression on Godlike modes stats are that they’re scores carried over from the beta build, in which even I beat Gargos’s ■■■ like it was nothing. You’ve got 2 people with over a hundred, 3 people in the 40-50 range, and then a dramatic drop off where the average playtime is 10-15 days with a loss to Gargos. The top people were probably grinding for dossiers during the beta when everything was easy as pie.

howdy 107 day record holder here, and to be completely honest youre half right. although my run was made after SL officially launched, i only made it as far as i did by exploiting the hundreds of top tier items and guardians (shadow worms, elixir of greater focus, and nanobots) i stocked up on during the beta before their price increase in the final version. i couldve gone for longer but i was tired of playing, running out of items, and the difficulty was getting too hard(all missions had multiple mimics, no more deploys)

Ha ha. That was exactly what I did. :slight_smile: I am so happy that i stocked up on all the items before the release.

I hate to break it to you, but I think your game was bugged or something…or maybe a region slipped by you that you didn’t notice? Anyway, reason I’m saying this is is that I’m currently on turn 122.

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Definitely wasn’t a region slip. All my characters had Shadow Worms equipped and all 3 of my good regions were all bellow Omen levels on the 98th day. I had every intent to go to 100 and beyond, but on the 99th day it threw me straight to Gargos.

K…gotcha. It must have been a glitch then. Sorry to hear it happened to you, but as you can see here:

it does go up over 99.

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Congrats, enjoy the #1 spot, I’m certainly not making another attempt at it… lol.

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WOW. The forced Gargos fight at turn 99 should be a glitch, anyway, is cool to see those turn scores, I maybe will give it a try on both Normal and Challenging modes, Godlike is very hard and I still need to get more stuff for that difficulty.

Wow dude, I got to turn 120 when Gargos arrived. Shadoworms helps a lot.