Shadow lords bosses

So I was thinking about what IG said about shadow lords mode. They said Gargos was moved up two characters to be released so they didn’t have to wait on shadow lords… Well shadow lords is not out yet and we are basically waiting on the last character. So maybe character number 8 is the last last boss of shadow lords mode.!

No. Gargos is the last boss.

They moved up Gargos’ release so that Shadow Lords could be released sooner than later. If you look at Season 2, the Rivals story mode with ARIA wasn’t released until a month after the last character of the season (ARIA). Here in season 3 they are apparently trying to release the mode with/before the last character, thus they released the boss earlier.

Watch him be a boss character in one of the many side quest missions, so not the final boss but a secret mini-boss.

Nah, he is the final boss of the mode. They also said that other characters would make appearances though, and that they would be enhanced versions of themselves.

I asked the question a couple days ago of whether or not other characters like ARIA and Shago would have boss incarnations in the SL mode, and that is what I was told.

So yeah, other characters may be mini bosses of smaller side quests and what not, but Gargos is the final, Final boss of the mode.

But hell, this all could be an elaborate ruse to throw us all off. lol!

Ya I mean we got what 5 days left in June? Sounds like it’s probably going launch right around the time of the last character. They also said no one will beat gargos first try. So if there is a fight after him we won’t know till probably the last character is out.

Final boss of Shadow Lords will be an unplayable, screen filling Eyedol! Kinda like Apocalypse or Onslaught from the Vs Marvel series’

You have to attack his foot and then his Eye. And then once the Eye dies, you enter his head and fight the TRUE Villain, Medulla Oblongata-Dol, in all his lower brain stem glory! FEAR THE BRAIN STEM!

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I think you may have misread what I said or I didn’t type it well enough but I know gargos is THE final boss of shadow lords and no one else will have what he has. However what I was thinking is since the devs said there will be many side quests, what if one of them is a secret side quest only available by certain means in which you get to fight eyedol.

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Spoiler: Rash is the final boss who has a safe on block wrecking ball, can carry you for as long as he wants, and builds potential damage on you by taunting.



Anything is possible. I hope we see a serious boss version of ARIA, and/or all the other characters. I agree with you, and hope that, more characters other than Gargos get the “cheap boss treatment”, but all I was saying was that Gargos is the Final boss of the mode.

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What I would like to see is this. First you need to stop gargos minions from spreading choas so omen and shago boss fights. Then ultratech gets in the way so you need to take down aria. Once you beat her ultratech forms a fragile alliance with you. Then you take on gargos. Once you beat gargos I think it would be awesome you have a side quest to close the portal so no one else gets out. Somewhere there’s an optional condition that allows a boss fight of eyedol escaping the portal right before it closes.

The heroes and Ultratech are teaming up against Gargos. At least that’s what I got from some of the character backstories.

Maybe it hasn’t happened yet in the story. We don’t know when shadow lords officially starts