Shadow Lords at Gamescom

Major Nelson just streamed the opening of Gamescom on Periscope. And they announced Shadow Lords being there in a big way.

So if anyone is going, or finds some press footage post it here please!


While I’d be happy to if I find anything, I’m sure that someone on an official basis (a community manager, for example) will probably just post the announcements as they come in a news thread or something, where we, as a community, can talk about it there.

If you follow @Kranged on twitter, he’s tweeting out some photos of SL.

It’s going to be the same things we have already seen-

Then again. maybe some havent still seen the othercontent that’s been out

What SHOULD be announced is the second wave of ultimate source figurines.

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I thought Wave 1 was supposed to be out by the end of Summer. Meaning the 9" Jago, and Spinal diorama should be out by Sept. 20th or there abouts.

And Spinal since he is supposed to be Wave 1 and is not out yet lol