Shadow Lords Astral Energy Guardian System

Anyone who is familiar with app games, or free to play games, knows what I’m talking about here. For those who don’t, I shall explain. App games, give you quest limits based on say, 5 tickets per 1h 15m meaning you regenerate 1 ticket every 15 minutes which lets you go on a quest every 15 minutes. If you’ve depleted your tickets, you have to wait to get more back, or buy more. There isn’t a true stamina system in Shadow Lords, but the Guardian astral energy system is pretty close and I will say it is a rather annoying concept.

Gives a purpose to having multiple guardians (duplicates even)
Makes you value using high cost guardians on easy missions
Add’s some thought processing into picking load-outs for each mission

Guardian charges are used in multiplayer
You don’t earn astral energy from multiplayer matches aside from daily rewards
Astral energy earned from Shadow Lords itself is less than what is required to reach Gargos playing conservatively
Beating Gargos is the only way to earn a positive astral energy income
It will be hard to manage astral energy consumption for beginner players

While the astral energy aspect has some good values, I think is is more tedious and annoying than the purpose I think it was meant to serve. Definitely with the fact that, if I play more than 5 multiplayer matches I’m wasting guardian charges, not to mention I have to leave multiplayer, go into shadow lords, refill the charges, then go back to multiplayer. I think in multiplayer the guardians shouldn’t require charges at all. While playing Shadow Lords, missions should show how much astral energy you can gain too. There is already 1 currency in the game to manage which lets you pull guardians and pull materials if you so choose, so having a second currency on top of that for guardian management I think just goes a little too far. I’ve played a lot of freemium games so I know workarounds but, for the average player, this is definitely not something that will be easy to manage. If you only play your 5 multiplayer matches, you can keep afloat really easily, if you can defeat Gargos consistently, you can also keep afloat easily, but what if you can’t? Or if you want to keep playing Multiplayer? You will run out of Astral Energy and be in a position where you’d have to restart a shadow lords story a few times just to earn some Astral Shards back to recharge a guardian.

I like the concept but, I don’t feel it fits quite well yet. Either that or there should be in game side quests that pop up that earn Astral Energy. If you’re looking for Shadow Lords to get constant attention, and be played and played, I think Astral Energy needs to be toned back or tweaked a bit otherwise it will get to the point where, people will stop playing that mode because they have no energy to feed their guardians. There were a few times when I was making my first guardian pulls that I was forced to transmute a few just so I could keep my guardians active towards the end of my first playthrough. I don’t feel it necessary that I have to wait until daily rewards come back, or transmute guardians to keep my game going. That is an unnecessary road block to hit. Anyone else with similar concerns, or thoughts on what we can do to improve that? Other than that I am loving Shadow Lords, that’s why this bugs me so much. I have to slow down my game for this system. I want to keep going, finish my quests, whoop Gargos a few more times!

Thanks for reading.

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I think it is fine. Make astral energy obtainable in SL multiplayer with bonus energy and gems if you win. It should not cost though if you invite someone and just play for fun though.

Yeah I like that idea. There should be a clause to avoid abuse of the idea of earning rewards though. Rewards only earned if a guardian is equipped. So if you use a Killer guardian, you earn 50-60 Astral Energy win or lose, and if you win you earn like 80-100 + 20 gems. That way it is a small amount but, you can always just about break even.

I think you pretty much nails it. I liked it better in beta the only purpose of astral energy is guardian food. But now astral energy is part of the crafting recipes, so its so easy to spend guardian food without feeding guardians.


The fact that Astral Energy is now a part of crafting means I’ve stopped crafting healing items and Melatonin Bots altogether. I just buy the Healing and Loot Packs because it’s just far more economic.

I’m not going to waste my ability to use my guardians on a band aid, especially now that the drop rates for Astral Energy are absolutely pitiful on anything below Level 4 fights. Using Perfect Killer guardians is swiftly becoming unsustainable.


I haven’t thought of buying health and loot packs. I’m out of KI Gold which means I have to buy with gems. I’m trying to farm gems so I can get the killer pack and get ahold of the better guardians. Also @GalacticGeek brought to light something huge. In multiplayer mode you have to use a guardian and consumable, but you are not rewarded in anyway other then the MP daily reward in the SL mode. So you are wasting guardian charges in MP for a mere ruble of crafting junk that doesn’t help. Guardian use in MP should be free.
Something I dont like is once you apply a guardian to your character in mission mode, you can’t choose to take the guardian off to conserve charges for a more important fight. If you put one on for a one time fight, that guardian stays with you till he starves to death.


You CAN remove the guardian actually, press the X button when you choose the character on the guardian slot and the guardian should go to blank so you don’t use it and the Guardian will keep it’s energy, I don’t mind using astral energy for crafting actually but I can see the BIG concern about this.


Personal opinion: Shadow Lords MP should be seen as a fun mode, since there are no rewards for playing any more than five matches using a Guardian should NOT consume a charge.

I’d even go as far as suggesting consumables should not be consumed either. The game should let you choose from any you have acquired, even if you don’t have it in your inventory.

Because otherwise what’s the point? I’m not going to use a valuable Elixir of Greater Focus in a glorified exhibition match.

Just treat it as exhibition with buffs and if it descends into Fulgore beam spam then so be it.


I agree, Multiplayer should allow you to use whatever guardian you have and any item you have obtained in your inventory (even if you currently not have the item) without spending energy or any other stuff, it should be for fun.

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Awsome. Thank you.

I think for the multiplayer they should make it like mortal kombats test your luck mode. It should be an exhibition mode where people just play for the thrill of not knowing what type of abilities they will have/fight against. Then again, they want micro transactions, which have a good and a bad side. Bad side, we have to spend more money, the good side, it supports the game for future content and/or a sequel. Idk, hopefully whatever direction they take ends up being for the best.

I can understand microtransactions but, if people can’t play, they won’t buy. Being in a situation where you have to stop and wait for daily rewards for Astral Energy to refill a guardian is a problem no one wants.

well they’ve been doing great in taking feedback and making changes to the game so I’m sure they’ll figure something out

Yep :slight_smile: That’s why I’m posting it early. It isn’t a problem all the time but everyone has felt it so far in some regard. Just needs some tweaks because this wasn’t as prevelant in the Beta. :slight_smile: I know it’ll get revamped.

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I think it would be fair if you get half the energy for a charge for just playing. You gain nothing extra if you lose so you lose half a charge but you gain a little bit more than a full charge. Another option can be that a charge won’t be used if you win a match and you always gain energy for half a charge win or loss. In fact, this is the fairest way imo.

Or they could just make MP not cost charges and grant small amounts of Astral energy where you can farm it sure, but not to extremes. Like 5 energy per loss 10 per win. You can grind sure, but that way anyone can play Mp and not feel forced to go into SL for refills and more energy :slight_smile: