Shadow Lords Adjustment Patch Notes (3/22)

-Decreased DMG and DEF rating of all Power Levels

-Decreased DMG and DEF rating of Shadow Lord Gargos

-Made it so that Fang of Gargos (Damage Increase) is no longer Guaranteed to spawn in every Playthrough

-Decreased Gargos’ Powers across all difficulties

So Omen was a bit of an interesting case. This dude was doing some crazy things! We’re still investigating why he’s so angry. Because of this, we’re decreasing the difficulty of Omen on Challenging. This should make him significantly easier to fight.

Should make things easier for you guys. The patch also mentioned the Shadow Lord item being new, but I already have 3 of them so I dunno what it’s talking about.

I got this info from KI_Central.

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Thanks for the update. It’s good to know my challenging run will be slightly less challenging.

That’s a relief.

I’m still gonna be an idiot and push myself to fight on Godlike, but I’m glad that newer players and people who’d rather NOT deal with craziness get to have a good time.

I remember starting on the first difficulty because in the beta it was much harder. I think I went 11 days on the release version with no problems. However the moment I let the corruption meter start going up the omens were hitting me with Toneri level mixups and manuals. It even counter broke me once. I can’t imagine what they were like on higher difficulties.

So has this update happened yet? If it has I don’t see a difference with Gargos. I just beat him on normal 30 min ago, and he is no different than he was on the 19th

What exactly does the Shadow Lord item do?

Nobody knows cause we’re all scared of wasting it LOL

Ah damn lol, I just completed SL last night and got the item, but was unsure what it’s for let alone what it does.

It’s an artifact that you can equip. That’s all we know.

I used it, and I haven’t noticed anything huge.

I think my instinct duration was doubled, but now I can’t remember if that was because I used an Elixir of Greater Focus or not…

Maybe it doesn’t actually do anything, and it’s just a placebo item that makes you THINK you’re more powerful. Like a “the power was inside of you all along!” thing.

Hmm, maybe it just affects the Gargos fight?

How long does the artifact last?

2 Days. I used it at the very beginning to test it out. Someone theorized that it might have to do with Gargos’ buffs. Maybe try using them after they’ve appeared/when you’ve defeated all the Omens?

@xCrimsonLegendx I told you they would adjust stuff soon, hope this is music to your ears :musical_note:

Anyone notice that since SL came out, going in to KI, exiting it (like say going out to the dash, watching something on Netflix) and then returning to KI removes double XP? I also had it remove my KI gold, but did a hard reset and it came back.

More specifically to SL itself, I got the first day reward on Monday night after I downloaded and started playing, but on Tuesday, even though the time had lapsed, it wouldn’t give me the second day reward. I didn’t get it until yesterday evening. Hoping that was just a weird one time thing. Maybe it counted Tuesday, the actual release day as day one?

Anyways, really like SL Gargos getting nerfed. That’s awesome. Never dealt with a crazy Omen though. All the Omens I’ve fought so far were actually the easiest fights in the game. Maybe one of them was a little more difficult, but I’ve had way tougher battles. Either way, if he needed fixing, glad it happened.

Also too scared to use my SL item that I got in my first play through. I seem to want to hoard them and I don’t even know why lol.