Shadow Lords 2.0 - what would you ask for?

I was also thinking while I was typing out my last post that perhaps if they keep the same system they could ask you if you want to replinish whatever has expired.

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Higher quality cutscenes, More spoken dialogue and more story missions that are character specific.

This is what I want. I want dialogues between my team members. I want sassy growls between RAAM and Riptor, and Jago & Orchid/Maya & Mira to talk about their past with each other and possibly argue, or progress their feelings toward one another. (Not in a lovers kind of way. Just to help the players understand their relationship with each other better.)

You want Jobbers?! You know what… now I want them too.

Or use the Triggers to switch between characters, since the bumpers are used for selecting the rarity of items displayed.


Unlockables worth unlocking

Stages (real stages, not last second “college try”)
Colors (real colors, not… You get the deal)

Nothing in shadows lords atm even garnered a second glance from me. Guardians? Make me care about the mode before giving me mode specific unlockables …

New storylines, more new items, new guardians, more unlockables. Also how about an option to choose any cinematic missions at anytime whether it affects the corrution levels or not.

Posted this in another thread but it’s more relevant here.

Hopefully Thunder and Eagle get to meet up in Shadows Lords. On a side note it would be interesting if Shadow Lord’s had mini games or bonus stages like mortal Kombat or street fighter and maybe could get rewards like specific loot items for crafting. Excited for eagles release :grin:
Wondering if eagle with have a skin like thunders rugged biker jacket and jeans? :smirk:

like how MK has test your might or SF had the barrel stage and the car stage.With a KI flare of course. Or they could how Bowser show up on the map and steal your stars lol


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More cinematic, more story mode driven. MORE BOSS FIGHTS! Like mini bosses per character on their way to fight Gargos or Eyedol.

Better Shadow AI…
More quests
Faster load times

An unlockable system that allows you to unlock new colors or costumes. Like a Level 10,11,&12 costumes and colors.


It would be great to see:
More spoken dialogue.
Main stories for Season 1 and 2 character.
Less purple and green.

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