Shadow Lord Eyedol

Does anyone else think that he’s another Shadow Lord besides Gargos? They keep referring to Gargos as A shadow lord and not THE shadow lord. This makes me think that there are other, maybe rivaling Shadow Lords out there. And Eyedol would be a perfect candidate for one. No heralds or minions, just him. A titan brute force with little intelligence, just pure ferocity and power - like a force of nature. Something Gargos can’t control, and therefore poses a threat to him.

(If you cant tell I’m really hoping he’s the last character lol.)

Anyway, thoughts?

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Don’t the shadow lords all look like retro Gargos though? In the shadow lords intro you see multiple Gargoses fighting eachother.

That idk. And I’ve never seen the Shadow Lords intro

I think they said all Gargos always has Shadow lord activated ability, kinda seems there may be more than one Shadow lord

It would make sense. In the old games Eyedol and Gargos were refereed to as " Two great warlords " and were depicted as equals. It would make sense for Eyedol to still be a rival of Gargos aka another Shadow Lord who can challenge him.

Eyedol doesn’t exist in this KI though.


Until there is some official statement from somebody at IG or in the game, I don’t think we can say for sure if he does or does not exist in this KI’s universe. As of right now he doesn’t due to no in game mentions/references but I personally don’t think it would be crazy for Eyedol to still exist or have existed in some shape or form since every other character in the old games still exists in this KI.

I said this months ago. If he existed in this timeline right now surely IG would have put even the smallest hint/tip that he was here. This far into the game’s life and not an ounce of anything saying otherwise.

My speculation was/is the next game he’s “the big bad”. Or an entirely new “big bad”.

If he is going to be in the next game doesn’t that mean he still exists in this KI’s universe? Or were you strictly talking about his actual presence in this particular game? I thought you meant literally when you said he doesn’t exist in this KI lol

I meant not in this KI. I mean, right now he doesn’t exist. So in the next game they could go the reverse order of what was done in the past. (eyedol first gargos second).

They could add in him in the next game because this arc of KI is probably going to be wrapped up. Opening up another arc (aka start fresh basically).

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It doesn’t matter what does or doesn’t exist in this universe.

The devs can change that in an instant. “Oh yeah, he’s been here since the beginning” BAM.

We had hints about Gargos existence since S1. People were debating about him being playable until he was revealed in the launch trailer

We had no clue about where was Tusk or Kim during S1 and S2. Bam, here they are.

Eyedol could be like the latters: He doesn’t had to be mentionated before to be in

I think he’s talking about there was no build up for Eyedol as far as boss status goes. Kim and Tusk more likely get a pass since they are regular characters. However when it comes to bosses you need to have some sort of build up to justify how much of a big deal they are. (Unless they they make him a regular character that is).

Why do you think there was build-up for ARIA throughout both S1 and S2? Gargos was the same (although not as noticeable). If they slapped eyedol in now as a boss character it would look really awkward without some kind of introduction or anything.

I said this also before you defeat gargos then all of a sudden “SURPRISE!!! IT’S ME EYEDOL!!! I SECRETLY DID EVERYTHING AND NOW I’M HERE!!! EVERYONE BOW BEFORE ME!!!”

That’s just bad writing right there. We are the audience we know alot of things before the characters do to make sense of it.

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Gargos is already deemed the boss of the game. So Eyedol would be more of a sub-boss or surprise character. And it wouldn’t be a bad move to introduce him suddenly. It would be a surprise to the chracters in the KI world. After they defeat Gargos, suddenly a new Shadow Lord emerges to take the world now that nothing can stand in his way… it wouldnt be that hard to write him in. Also, in S1, Shadow Jago was a complete surprise character. So having Eyedol be the same wouldn’t be such a bad thing

Exactly my thoughts here. If Eyedol HAS to be in (I honest to God don’t care) I rather him be sort of like a special extra character where he is playable, but has no impact on the story. So when the next game comes out and Gargos is out the way, he can have a true canonical return.

Eyedol woudln’t be a boss character anyway, so they can just drop him in at any time. He doesn’t need to be the main antagonist to be a shadow lord.

I’m sure that would be complained about.

Not really, Shago was only the boss of season one just for the sake of having one because ARIA and Gargos (the real bosses) were not in yet and they had to fill something.

Everything will be complained about.

But I have a hard time understanding how people can post on this board that Eyedol needs a “build up.” People have been asking about him since before the Xbox launch…

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