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So…what’s with the shadows? I’m trying to train my shadow. But when I go to spar with it, it just…kinda doesn’t do anything. Even after saving decent recordings for it it still barely does anything. Like it doesn’t even hold any of my fighting data (as in it doesn’t do what I did last match or anything…nothing happens. Just…blank.)

What gives?


Did you train it for at least 10 matches vs every opponent?
Maybe if you try to fight it with your Aria, and it isnt used to fighting an Aria it short cicuits?

No, since when has that become a prerequisite for it to start sparring (and using my own techniques against me) against me?

Right now it’s just…kinda got it’s head in the clouds going “la la la la la”…

I’m a really bad player with tons of matches recorded on my shadow and he’s still an idiot, I body him every time.

My shadow just most of the time stands there. Was never like this before. Before my shadow would copy me (as intended) the best it could. Things were happening. Now…nothing. Just basically a training dummy. I’m kinda annoyed by it.

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I like watching the replays of my shadow when it actually wins. But when it does the match looks absolutely nothing like how I fight. I liked like me does 10x. If I lead with multi slashes flame carpet and dragon breath. But my shadow will do a single slash, one carpet, no tail trip, one dragon breath, mortars and predator stance. I watch the fight like what the crap is this mess?

I watched a match of my shadow before. It barely did anything (this was against a total noobie player). I was like “what is this? Is this a joke?”

I had this one TJ player (SUPER NOOB) that literally mashed pretty much nothing but jabs (no specials or even combos for that matter). And my shadow did barely ANYTHING and still somehow won (my shadow won). I was like “seriously…I should have eaten that guy for breakfast, chewed him up, then spit him out.” Nope…the shadow just blocked alot kinda stood around taking stray hits and did I think 2…maybe 3 combos total?

It was a disaster to say the least. I was very embarrassed by it.

Yup…somethings wrong with the shadows. Whenever you try to spar with yours they just go dumb on you. I can confirm this as my last spar with my sadira shadow was months ago AND she was doing things (aka copying me), she was breaking and countering breaking. Shadow countering etc etc. Now…she’s doing the same thing as my ARIA shadow…nothing.


My shadow didn’t start getting knowledgeable until about 15-20 recordings against certain opponents, and didn’t start unlearning early misplays on my part until well after 40 recordings, when it finally started fighting the way I do, at least against that 1 opponent. Seems to be a sliding window of recordings of sorts.

When the color for the number of recordings for a certain opponent turns green, that’s probably a good sign that it’s learned plenty about that particular match-up.

I don’t find that to be true since I would have the very LEAST seen SOME progress. Like I said…my shadow does barely anything. It feels as though it’s on a loop of dumbness right now.

Maybe try saving only the good replays, ones with plenty of green arrows (I think they’re arrows)?

Also another thing that worked for me was to play kind of defensively, countering and blocking the opponent’s moves as much as possible. The shadow seems to make a pool of data to choose from depending on the scenario.

The “Test Shadow” option might be good too, especially for mirror matches. Get 10-20 of those and there should definitely be signs of shadow improvement.

I’m sparring with my shadow. I save recordings based on how I played that match and the shadow data.

My shadow is still…being dumb. I went 11 straight matches against my ARIA shadow and nothing…It just repeated the same poor things as if nothing was ever recorded in the first place. Even though I saved 3 decent recordings but the shadow did nothing afterwards. Nothing was learned.

I heard you should also save bad matches and not just the good ones

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Just testing my shadows now… omg i never realised how bad my rash and riptor shadow was :confused: no wonder they hardly ever win, yet playing other peoples shadows they seem to do a hell of a lot more! i’m wondering if its since updates and having old shadow data is messing them up somehow.

They need like something of 40 recordings to keep track on the changes. But I can’t say if they need it with a specific character or each one.
However I’m not that sure, was explained that but my English is not that good.

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Having 40 recordings with each character would definitely help, so the shadow doesn’t have to depend on other characters’ recordings, which sometimes happens when there’s not enough data for the current match-up.

@Linkinworm Updates could definitely be a cause of it. I’ve seen some shadows using and abusing certain moves which were once safe, but after the update are now very punishable on block. Such things would require some heavy shadow training to fix.

I don’t know, the last time I fought my shadow it gave me a hard time, it beat me! I started recording some hard matches and then I can see the the changes. It totally changed it’s style when playing know, I can say it’s not that flowchart right now since it does a lot of different things. I’m pretty amazed I can say…

Oh I have pleanty of recordings for them. I saved every single piece of data for my rash, good or bad and used him for about a month solid. I think I actually used him almost exclusively for my silver to gold ranks. but yeah, i dont want to delete anything right now since i’m hoping to get teh 100 shadow matches played i have 55 currently, but just a shame he isn’t as competetive as I thought he would be right now.

I’ll try to remember to give your shadow a challenge.

Dont like the way shadow lab loads those friend/challenge screens like 5 at a time though, is that already improved?

What you have to understand is that your Shadow is woefully undertrained. Shadows are/can be made up of over a thousand different match recording, so if you only have like 3 or 4, your character is not going to know what to do.

If you only have done the initial training against Jago, and then recorded maybe 1 or 2 other random fights, and then your Shadow goes up against aTJ combo… noob or not, your Shadow is not going to have any clue what do because it hasn’t been trained to know.

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