Shadow Labs Idea

I was looking at my shadow data and checking how many saved matches I have on each character, and was thinking it may be a cool feature to be able to play shadow survival against a specific character.

In this survival game, you would be able to pick a tier (50sp-1000sp like normal), and a specific character to face every match. This would allow you to save up some shadow data for some characters that don’t show up as often. But you would still be playing different people’s shadows so the variety would still be there.

Just an idea, I know you can kind of do something similar by playing against the CPU, but shadows have some actual player tenancies.


I would love this. +1

I love this idea. There is already a feature in shadow lab that lets you challenge a shadow but that’s a one time deal, so you’d have to keep doing it. But to be able to say give me a wave of 50 cinder shadows and record that data is awesome. I’ve also thought that while in shadow Lords (regular or MP)if your playing a character you have a shadow for without a guardian or consumable you should be able to save shadow data.

Interesting, I’d enjoy this.


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The reason you can’t is because enemy shadow is using buffs also. That would affect to many things when it comes to how it would save the data.

I mean if you have truly recreates the components of a shadow match (i.e. no guardians, no consumables) this would apply to the other side as well. You could have an option in the search criteria called play for shadow data. This option would lock the guardian / constable options for both sides. In this cause neither side has a buff or nerf.