Shadow Lab Skins

I am grateful that you can add custom clothing onto your shadow, but it would be cool to change their colour as well.


People have been asking for this for a while. Hopefully someday in the near future we could have the option to change the color of our little pets.


Nice, plus it’ll add more difference when fighting other shadows that people have made.

Odd thing is. I have my custom riptor as a shadow, but anytime some fights her, they fight the default costume

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Do you mean without a coloured skin or without custom stuff like Sabrewulf goggles? If it’s coloured skin, then I ain’t sure how you managed to get that, because mine’s the default colour, whereas if you mean custom items, then you have to go on customize shadow and press enter (on keyboard, unless you’re on xbox one which I’m guess is ‘A’ from my experience with xbox 360) on a specific custom item.

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Yeah, I never see my custom skin color or accessories. Not that I much care, but still leaves me thinkin what in the world?!

At least let us choose the mimic “costumes” since they’re not just skins.

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