Shadow Lab questions

I am just trying to figure out how the whole system works once the shadow is made.

For example, if I go into Shadow Survival after I win I can save the data, and then it apparently affects my Shadow’s stats, but I really can’t tell what is good to save and what isn’t. For example, my offense was at like 78, and then I had a match where the data looked pretty good, a few reds but mostly greens, so I thought id save it…then a few matches later it was down to like 68 or something?

Next, let’s say I play and beat a Shadow Riptor and save the data, does that date only change how my shadow fights Riptor players or does it go for all characters?

Lastly, is it at all accurate? I beat this one guy’s Aria Shadow, then he avenged the loss by beating my Spinal Shadow, so I avenged that by beating his again and this went on for quite a bit. Out of curiosity I decided to watch the replay to see why my shadow kept losing to this guy…and its because it was doing stuff I don’t even do, ever.

For example, mid match it was doing what appeared to be some super quick teabag ( I don’t teabag) but it was really fast and glitchy, and then all of a sudden just standing there doing nothing. My shadow would hit his Aria, which was an opener for a combo, and just stop? I don’t do that, and it kept doing it. Then after it got some skulls loaded, it just started jumping backwards into the corner, and when it was in the corner it just kept doing it…

Now I will admit that IF I take my opponent’s first health bar and I have skulls loaded I will jump back once or twice to put some space between us while waiting for them to stand up but this was just absurd and not at all what I do or would ever do and it was really frustrating to watch lol

Am I doing something wrong when saving my data after wins? Was it just a glitch/bad shadow performance? Its embarrassing to think that people are fighting this thing and likely assuming that’s how I play when it’s not lol

I don’t mean to come off as angry or anything btw lol it was just really shocking and I want to get to the bottom of it

Here you go…

Hope this helps…

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I feel your pain. I’ve been trying ever so hard to get my Aganos shadow’s stats up, especially with his defense in order to help him win fights. Unfortunately, for reasons uknown, I just found out today that his quick-stand stat is an absolutely abysmal 2%… :’(

Thanks, ill read though that and see if I can find a solution to my problems.

@GalacticGeek: Yeah I just don’t really get it lol like ill get stats that look good, so I save them, but then my stuff goes down? I feel you on that one though, my Spinal’s defense is dreadful, but that probably is my fault considering my in game defense isn’t too great lol

Speaking of Aganos that thing is a pain to fight against, its almost like it has a built in auto block or something. I have a terribly rough time opening him up for a combo lol

That video and article was very helpful. I think my issue could be that I am typically only saving data of matches where I do really well, apparently recording close matches is good to do too. I also think I need to record more info, because apparently when you don’t have a lot of data against one particular character, the Shadow will use data saved for another character instead, which could explain the odd behavior my Spinal showed against the Aria. It actually makes sense since a lot of Arias give me trouble, and therefor I likely don’t have a lot of data saved for her.

You need to save data for multiple situations and also against each character. Not the easy wins but the longer matches where you fight well and experience many situations. Your stats and percentages can go down but your character’s competitiveness becomes greater. Gradually when you get better yourself, the stats should rise.

I hate his shadows too.

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Getting a high offense with the golem is easy, since he has the armor. However, my shadow is still losing matches - he only wins 25% of the time last I checked, and his current overall stats are:
75% offense
46% defense
50% combos
53% style

Feel free to fight my shadow to help it improve. :wink:


Yeah see I didn’t know that previously, it could explain the few of the issues I was having since I was pretty much only saving data where the stats/data looked good lol

@GalacticGeek: Ill try to fight him a bit and see what happens lol my Shadow only has a 14% win rate or something, its won 2 matches out of like 12 or 14 haha

The more matches you record the better. The longer the match the better. I try to only record when i have mostly green and these 3 are in the + green
Combo Breaker %
Combo Ender %
Combo Variety %

Still my shadow does crazy stuff I cant explain

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Yeah I usually try to only save when the green outweighs the red/grey, though I usually don’t account for the Style section since that’s something I am not too worried about at the moment, I gotta work on my defense lol its only at like 15% IIRC