Shadow Lab Crash

I thought i’d report a bug, whenever i go to shadow lab and check my recent Shadow Activity, the game will crash and i have to quit the game and re load it

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I’ve got the same issue, I reported it in the big thread but I’ve heard nothing back. Been going on for weeks.

Mine was crashing as well before, but since two weeks I have no issues. Just played shadow mode. After 2.12 I have to check again of course.

I have the Shago update and its still crashing.

I got a response from @GoogleMyName in the bug reporting thread saying they are hoping it would be fixed with this patch. I haven’t had a chance to try, since I couldn’t get the patch last night. I will give it a whirl when I get home from work.

Been having this same issue for weeks hoping there is a fix for it soon.

Yeah, sadly mine is still broken

I have frequent audio issues in shadow lab. Matches don’t have stage music or only one round…

Yep, still busted.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait till March for a fix. I’ve been using shadow lab daily and would like to see more.

After the 3.6 update I’m experiencing this still… IG can we please have this fixed? I rather enjoy Shadow Labs mode