Shadow Lab and game crashing

Just to let you know that the game is crashing more frequently than before. I’ve played some ranked matches and (sometimes) I’m still being penalized for leaving in the middle of the match. I was hoping the match was being recorded but it won’t save it when it freezes. I’ll try to use the cellphone when this happens again so I can show you.
I swear I’m not quitraging <=(

Also the Shadow Lab (which I’m really liking n_n ) is crashing too much. It takes long to load and sometimes it will stay iddle loading and nothing will happen. I must quit the game and enter everytime this happens.

Can you help me with this issues?
The internet test on X1 says my multiplayer connection is fine and that the packet loss is minimum (like 0 to 4%) what’s happening? I really want to play KI