Shadow Jago's Surge Moves Uncontrollable For Some Users

That’s the thing, Shadow Moves ARE EX specials, more so than anything else.
They are performed with the simplest motion, and 2 buttons of different strengths.
They hardly do any damage.
They can be broken easily.
1 Shadow Meter can build to full in like, 1 combo.
And the best part…? You can’t perform a Shadow Move by accident!

Considering Shadow Moves to be ‘Supers’ is simply overlooking all these cold hard facts.

Anyway, I don’t want the character ‘changed’ per say, I don’t even plan to try to use Shadow Jago anymore, too many things happen with him, by ‘accident’.

Blasted Surge Moves popping up on the screen anytime I get immersed in enjoying the game.

That’s a huge faiL for me, and i’m glad to see someone else understands where I am coming from too.

Shadow Jago’s Surge moves are intrusive to enjoyable gameplay.

Changing execution to holding the button, will NOT help.
Everyone presses buttons differently, and there will still be accidental Surge Moves.

Changing execution to punch + kick, won’t help either, because what then, would quarter circle forward and punch + kick do? Surge Fireball? Surge Dive Kick? Annihilation? Ultimate Combo?

Whatever they decide to do, know that I won’t be playing Shadow Jago, because his Surge Moves are border-line uncontrollable for average players, AND for me, someone with good execution.

Not because I can’t take the time to mentally detatch myself from the game to think super hard about not tapping a button twice… but because I don’t want to detatch myself from the game.

I want to enjoy the wild fun that is Killer Instinct. Maybe this hits home with the developers. I spent $10 to get this guy LOL!

Anyway, watch the Shadow Jago streams, everyone is doing Surge Moves by mistake. EVERYONE.

What if his surge moves were back-forward motions and normal specials the quarter circles?

Nah, that’s a bit over the top.

Regardless, something needs to be done about those Surge Moves though.
He didn’t even need to have them!

There seems to be a lot of vitriol in this thread (or any thread related to Shago, for that matter) because people seem to want characters designed around their inabilities to adapt to varying execution requirements.

Has anyone having issues with Shago’s surge moves tried simply improving their execution? Everything is possible without silly “execution tricks” which, by the way, exist to supplement a players lacking execution. So, if you improve your general execution, your problems will disappear. It’s not magic, it’s just marginal effort.

Get rid of his Surge Moves because players with poor execution can’t handle it? Seriously?

And further, why would you bother double-tapping for his Dash-Specials? You have that whole dash to input a single button. No timing necessary.

Nothing needs to be done about the Surge specials.
Something needs to be done about players’ ability to accurately assess their shortcomings as players. Because that is what has seriously gotten out of hand.

For all of the double-tappers who insist it is the only way to play: It is objectively not. Calm down and lab, or play a different character. Don’t cry foul on a perfectly fine mechanic because you personally cannot break yourself of bad habits. That’s like a smoker claiming they should make non-carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes. It’s just ridiculous. Don’t want cancer? Quit smoking.

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You are a good man. I thank you for your service.

Mainly because I was too lazy to write the same thing. I’m far from a professional level player. And yet outside of the odd, once-a-week execution error, I have never had issue with Surge moves coming out “on their own”. Seriously, improve your execution folks. It isn’t a difficult concept.

Then again, this has become a rather entitled forum since Season 3 dropped, which is sad on many levels.

Edit: Apologies, didn’t realize your tag is used by a couple. You are a good man/woman, whoever was posting originally. :slight_smile:

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