Shadow Jago's New Ultra

00:50 How are you able to do 4 Shadow Moves in a row, 2 of which use less than half a shadow bar each? Is it because of the fireball you through while in instinct, utilizing his Instinct trait?

Does that actually count? You tether but Aganos’ meter is constantly refilling because you have meter set to refill.

His meter refills, mine does not. In an actual match you can have full meter and they full meter and use 4 shadows.
@SithLordEDP I test all questionable theories before I do the entire ultra. If you turn off refill, you can still do 4 shadows. In order to go for max hits, you can assume or prepare that all situational events are optimized, example, opponent has Full meter, opponent has enough life so white damage can built into a level 4 ender but low enough to put them directly into danger state, your opponent was Aganos so the larger hitbox can allow for easier execution, those types of things. This combo is perfectly possible on anyone, I did it VS Omen, since he has 3 shadow stocks. I did it against Fulgore since he also has a larger shadow pool. The hardest one to land it on is Hisako and her smaller hitbox. Everything done in my Ultra’s is possible in a real game 99% of the time but some are extremely situational and requires your opponent to be in the optimized position. Hope this helps clear anything up =)

Yes, using the tether. The biggest optimizations to this ultra came from attaching the tether, and replacing the heavy manuals into recapture. There are a few more optimizations I have that I will be putting into a video tonight. 244 is possible. I did a 241 this morning before work but I was rushed and didn’t have time to analyze it fully. Here is the 244 =)