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I personally feel that his instinct is severely misused. Annihilation this annihilation that. Go ahead and waste it if you miss. I realized that annihilation is not the best use for his instinct unless you can guarentee it will hit before you activate instinct. One of his main problems is that he can’t do much without meter and without meter,alsmost everything he does is unsate. The frame advantage instinct mode helps cover this. You can now do his fireballs and slide without the fear of a punish(I think. Still needs testing). Why are people not using the frame advantage? I don’t know. Plus if you need meter,tether got you covered. Instinct is meanr to help cover a character’s weakspot or enhance their strengths. Shago’s Instinct does this. Everything is unsafe without meter? Fine. You get frame advantage in instinct to make it safe. You also got tether to help your meter problem. Your thoughts on Shago’s Instinct?

Definitely underused. Partly because of lack of knowledge and setups in particular - and this will change in time - but also because htiting that Annihilation, especially on a read or punish, is immensely satisfying and can turn the tide of a match completely - it’s esentially an unbreakable 48% combo.

The annihilation is good if it lands but I noticed a lot of people are using it without thought. For me,unless they mash DP or do something unsafe,I would just use instinct and apply pressure and stuff because Shago’s mixups are incredible. Just unsafe. With it being safe,he can do what he wants now.

His annihilation looks stupid on Aganos when a wall is up. Plus why doesn’t the wall get damaged?

The thing with the frame advantage is that because his moves are so unsafe you’re still negative on block even with the extra frame advantage, so you don’t get a ridiculous safe pressure like TJ and Jago do.

I hardly EVER use Annihilation, UNLESS it is a complete read I know I can hit.

Is it just me or does Shadow Jago’s annihilation do more than 48% damage,

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It does more like 60% do it in training mode and notice over half the AIs health goes

Did you test against Aria? She has less health per bar than others. I’ve found it to be consistenly about half of the regular life bar.

It actually is bugged, it does around 58% right now. They’re going to bring it down to the actual 48% in the next patch.

I dont use Annihilation… I pop instinct… hit em with a fireball… charge 2 shadow meters…and then head after them with frame advantage, full shadow stock…and then open them up and go for 4 shadow link combo that can get up to 80% damage if done correctly.

Ive closed out a match with 1 combo out of instinct…and it feels very rewording…unlike the annihilation.