Shadow Jago's colors

I just got home and started up KI I have the new update when I go to Shadow Jago and pick which colors to choose from I can only choose color 1 & 2 then I beat my opponent and then it started my level back at level one. Smh I very much dislike the fact that my level was reset when I have been playing with Shadow Jago using him as my main since forever. It makes no sense to me that it’s got to be reset back to level one.

You’ve actually been playing Jago as your main with a Shago skin.


You was playing as Jago before… as shadow jago was just a skin… don’t know why you would think otherwise when everything u did in that skin updated jagos stats… of course shadow jago would have his own stats when he came out… 2 completely different characters

Well I’m looking at the 12 month day one gold package that I still have and it says " day one bonus includes Killer Instinct round one digital game for Xbox one. Playable with Shadow Jago character" so that being said I don’t see nothing saying that he was a skin. Here’s what I think when Double Helix first owned it Shadow Jago was a character. A character whom as I said built my level up to 43. Now that Iron Galaxy has taken over they reset anybody who owned Shadow Jago character and are making us start all over and are saying he was a skin. And now he’s a character now since you have to start all over with leveling him up just saying.

They can’t exactly transfer your fight challenges over when the moves are all different.

I am genuinely surprised anyone thought for even a second they would instantly get a Level 50 Shadow Jago.


this. I mean how many of you folks expexted him to not et his elvel reset?

I don’t even know why jokers is even on the other end crying talking about I can’t believe you didn’t think that it would get a reset apparently not everyone and its not a big deal was just wondering and saying but uck it if I have to do it all over then uck it.

Shadow Jago is a new character. Before that It was just a skin