Shadow jago

Hi all just a few questions regarding Shadow Jago, I’ve searched this forum and not found the answer’s I’m After.
First question when is he available to purchase and second question how much will he be.
Thanks in advance.

  1. 18th?
  2. Don’t think it’s been revealed yet.
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Ok thanks for the reply,will iron Galaxy reveal the price for Shadow Jago before the 18th.

Iron Galaxy wouldn’t set the price, I expect it would be Microsoft. Since the 18th is Friday (and everyone will be busy seeing Star Wars instead of reading the forums) maybe @tempuschaoti can tell us how much it will be for those who have not already acquired Shadow Jago…

Thanks for the heads up any chance we can have a MOD who can shed some light on pricing for Shago.
Is he going to be the normal price for a character or higher.

I would assume $5-10. If they go beyond that I’ll be extremely surprised.

I hope so,really looking forward to playing Shago on the 18th.

I think it should be equal to the amount we paid for the community fund minimum…but it wont be so anyone that paid the community fund should have been given a bonus accessory or color for there contribution…IMO

The main purpose of the community fund was to fund tournament prize pools, with the added bonus of picking up Shago and an XP boost. The reason why someone did it shouldn’t matter.

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It matters to me when a lot of ppl are crying they should have him early or they should have color 10 yet they don’t contribute to actually funding or purchasing items like everyone else.

what matters to you doesn’t matter to me, ect…

And we did not get an XP boost for buying the Shago fund…we received KI gold.

Whoops. It was 7 months ago. I forget details quick. Either way, those were the incentives.

your right… i guess that enough for me… giving to the pot for tournaments.Still would have been nice to have some acknowledgment for those that actually made it happen.

I don’t deny that last bit. I think the 2 week exclusivity is supposed to be that.