Shadow Jago vs all others' Ultimates +Poll

I’ve not seen many mention this, except in passing so I decided to make a topic about it as I believe consistency (and prettiness =p) are important to this game.

Why is it that all the new Ultimates are merely cutscenes, whereas when Shago performs his Ultimate, the animation is played in game, and even counts as hits in a combo? I feel this new form of playing a cutscene makes for a rough transition and takes away from the smoothness of the game.

smooth and pretty:

rough transition, not in actual gameplay (no meters, no combo counter):

Am I alone in thinking this isn’t so great or am I on to something here?

Lemme know what you think:

  • In-game style!
  • Cutscene style!

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Bonus points to the DEV team if you folks can explain What’s up with that?!

Fight on!

I think you have it backwards there. It’s actually Shago’s that’s the inconsistent one now. Remember that Shago’s ult was ripped straight from the boss version which was a cutscene as well.

If anything I heard complaints about Shago’s ult was because it had the hit counter, meter, life bars, etc. Having the hud stuff around kinda took away the cinematic feel of the finisher (making it look more like a glorified super move than a finisher) which the new ults are now correcting.

Thanks for the input!

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From all the post about Ultimates, the census at least on these forums leaned very heavily toward cutscene style, because most did not like that Shadow Jagos Ultimate has the life bar and combo counter on when he does his…

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