Shadow Jago Ultimate Toy Not Limited?

The figure was advertised and sold as limited, but now it seems it’s in Wave 1. I’m not a selfish person, but somehow that seems wrong to me.

There could still be some of that 5000 left

Website says its no longer available, so I think you might have just misheard or something

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That was the limited edition that exclusively costs $5 more than the non limited version. also the unlimited version comes with a different in-game colour than the limited version or some thing else entirely.

Same figure for 5 dollars more? Great… what a deal that was! But seriously, you shouldn’t advertise and sell a product as LIMITED, then just change the box and keep selling it unlimited. I also doubt they’d make a Color 11 for this release. Make people by the same toy twice to get all the colors? Come on…

Can you provide a source for this? I can’t find any info on a Shago reprint.

Well the Shagos never sold out so they had to do something to get people to buy the thousands that they still had lying around.

Actually they did sell out a day ago. Or they just took them down, I dunno.

They announced that they were going to do this ages ago before the limited shago figures were even available. Obviously the limited edition shadow Jago thing was just to gauge how many figures they should make in advance for wave one.
I hope they realize Fulgore will sell a lot more a lot faster than Limtied shago did…

I can’t. I just know he’s in the Wave 1 ad… and there were pics from the NY Toy Fair showing a new white box for him, same with the other characters.