Shadow Jago Ultimate TJ Combo Glitch!

Hello all, first off; I am obsessed with this game and it has taken over my xbox one! Now; I grabbed Shadow Jago the first chance I could get him on Dec. 18th. This may have been reported before, I am hoping not; I was TJ Combo rocking a sweet santa beard, facing Shadow Jago in Ranked online. Needless to say, I got my ■■■ kicked as Shago is way overpowered; however, TJ Combo pulled a little trick out of his ■■■; and I had my ‘comeback’ when he returns from the grave at times from the end of a fight. The thing is, this ‘comeback’ happened after Shago’s ■■■■■■ ultimate move. I came back and I could not control my character, neither could my opponent. We were left standing like morons for the countdown (60 seconds or more) as neither of us would quit/concede. Needless to say, it was NOT fun. Please fix this bug and if possible, as I have been so helpful, could you please send me a code for a new Shago costume; those figures will not be coming up here to Canada, obvi, we are left out of everything! Help a hardcore fan out! Just check my record, I am playing your game non-stop! Please keep up the good work, can’t wait for Season 3 in March!!! : )

Firstly, welcome to the community, love your enthusiasm. Now for the slightly less nice part of this post.

  1. Reported already. There is a thread specifically for Bug Reporting.
  2. I don’t know if the devs are generous enough to give you a code for the costume exclusive to the statue for just reporting a bug.
  3. The statue is available to order around the world, forum members from Eastern Europe, Australia and other parts of the world have ordered it, I doubt Canada has been excluded.

DoobyDude23, fistly, thank you for your reply; also; Canada has been excluded from so much ■■■■ I was not sure what the case was with these figures. Also; I was just trying to help the KI community as this was an extremely ■■■■■■■ annoying glitch. Yes, it was opportunistic asking for a measly new costume, but a brother got a do what he got to do. It is not like I was asking for the game for free lol…I am being serious, if you are Canadian, I apologize; we do have to wait MUCH longer for cool ■■■■ FACT

I meant no disrespect. And no I’m not Canadian so I don’t know your troubles, but I am Indian and we have some of the same problems. That being said, I think you can understand both for exclusivity and economic purposes why they wouldn’t give you the costume. I also appreciate your help and trying to guide you towards the thread made for bug reporting instead so you can peruse through it to see if it has been reported before.
Sorry for any hard feelings.

I just had this issue right now and was wondering if this had been reported. I was Shadow Jago fighting TJ and every time I do the Ultimate, Shadow Jago loses all control and TJ Combo is able to continue the fight unopposed.

Here’s a video so you can see Shadow Jago just give up haha:

P.S. I am Canadian and received my Shadow Jago figure this week, so if they are still in stock I’d get it quick man.