Shadow Jago Thoughts

Since The Release Of The Shadow Jago Trailer, I’ve Been Seeing A Lot Of Down Talk About The Character. Personally, I Like What IG Has Done With Him.

My Question Is, What Would Make A Person Not Like Shago? What Are Your Thoughts About The Character?

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I for one think Shago looks amazing! My jaw was on the floor watching the new trailer… i cant wait for Friday! I hope the DL happens quick and isn’t one of those drawn out late int eh day ordeals.

I just want it to be easy and smooth…ready as soon as i get home from work! “fingers crossed”


I’m glad that he’s going to be a full character instead of just a skin, but I feel reserved about how his moveset looks based on the trailer. I absolutely hate fighting Jago and often struggle against him, and what concerns me is that he might be an even bigger problem to fight - but I can’t really say until the stream, and until I’ve had some hands on time with and against him.

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Jago is hard because he is plus or safe on everything, Shago has to spend meter to make his moves safe and has less safe pressure altogether. He will have better mixup since he can cancel normals into his overhead kick and presumably cancel that into a special for a dive kick or slide and so could make you block different heights I succession.


I agree 100% on Jago and his frame advantage! its very difficult for Omen to win against a smart frame Jago player. If he gets in close your at the 50/50 guessing game on his attack and thats tough.
I prefer to keep him as far away as possible.

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Shadow Jago looks like he’s going to be on of those characters like Kan-Ra or Fulgore that’s difficult to get into but once mastered will be quite frightening. From the sound of it, he’s had a lot of Jago’s really safe stuff up close in favor of a better spacing/mix up game. Teleportation, multiple fire balls, high low mix ups, and meter canceling come at the cost of his close up pressure tools (i.e laser sword), Jago’s relatively free frame advantage (Shago needs to meter cancel stuff to be safe, if I remember right), and Jago’s Jack of All Trades playstyle (in favor of heavier zoning and some teleportstion, like Fulgore).
I may be wrong about HOW he’s different, but he certainly looks like a pleasant step away from old Jago. If nothing else, the trailer makes him look hype as ■■■■. Can’t wait for the stream today, and I’m as giddy as a school girl for the Friday release. :smiley:


Hope you got your Bass Speakers for Shadow Jago in time.

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Oh crap, I still need to do that :scream:

I will try him out cause he looks awesome. I like the dark tether he’s got and teleports are my favorite in any FG so I love the dashes into moves or throw. the guessing game is OP with this cat!

Sorry. I know some of you are gonna come running over to defend this character and your furious that I would say that… But, this is my feedback. And, the reason I say he’s lame, is because it continues a constant thread and theme throughout the latest characters that continues to get on my nerves. That is, the game over-rewards running away from your opponent. What a counter-productive way to create a fight.

Bias definitely comes from Jago, a character that has to work SUPER hard to get in close to characters (especially after his shadow windkick fullscreen) was taken from him; stupidly in my opinion. So, in comes Shadow Jago the character that can dash back with the quickness, shoot faster fireballs, and teleport over top.

So, all I ever see people doing now is jumping backwards and throwing fireballs…because regular Jago can’t match his speed…Jago can’t full screen shadow windkick either, then he can get easily caught with a sliding kick or teleport trying to find angles to get closer…


I agree. On top of that, alot of these runaway type characters are given top-notch wake up/escape moves (see KanRa/Glacius). Alot of poor design decisions that still don’t overshadow how great this game is (IMO).

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what I dont like is the new CAM and Shago constant tele dive kick over and over then surged version and its hard to keep up with no matter how good you are! Thats my only gripe is the recovery on a blacked dive kick is too good…there needs to be more stun off that…you cant even punish if its surged

Is it bad playing Jago that I Fight Shagos that spam fireball, and I just sit there? Then they get antsy and do something silly and I punish them for it?

Playing against Shago makes me glad every character doesn’t have an ultimate. I really think it’s implemented bad in the game. The fact that you making one mistake automatically makes it so someone instinct and then automatically get 30% confirmed damage is BS. It’s bad enough that Shago has pretty much every tool imaginable, he also gets a cheap boost. If every other character had an ultimate the game would be very cheap.

That’s not his Ultimate. That’s his Annihilation. The Ultimate is his finisher.

It’s the same animation so Ill go ahead and call it an ultimate.