Shadow Jago purchase is unavailable in the latest update

Hi all,
I posted about this in the S3 launch issues thread, (Season 3 Launch Issues) but did not get a response as of yet.
I’m still having an issue with Shadow Jago being not available. He’s the only purchased character in the game at the moment, but whenever I select him in any mode, the game says “Processing premium purchase” and it stays that way until I switch away then back to the game’s window. I was able to play as him before the 3.0.4 update.
The sad thing about this is that I was planning to buy the Supreme Pack, but if updates break character availability like this then I’m not sure how long I will be able to play for.
If this is not a KI issue, who’d be the best person to contact? I would really appreciate any kind of help.


I am having the same exact friggin issue and I have no damn clue what to do either my man.

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