Shadow Jago public release trailer: My first montage

A little context

When I heard that Shago was going to be a new character, me and fellow players lamented the fact that the skin would vanish, thus making mirror matches less entertaining and more confusing in relatively equal mesure.

Partly to have archival footage of the skin and as an interesting project, I decided to try and make my first montage combining old and new Shadow Jago footage. I managed to get all the material I needed pre-patch (which was also a rather close-run thing, completed the night before the patch went live). I spent a significant amount of time trimming the matches down to one, two, or a few combos and since I had a plan of what I wanted to make parrt of the footage, I was even able to use some online match footage as well.

I wasn’t sure if I’d release this on December 18th, but I decided I’d put it out early so it could possibly get some more views/comments etc from people who understand the game.

Editing a video like this when you have no sight at all is tricky enough as it is, but when you are informed by someone you’ve asked to check it that there’s a couple of frustrating issues, it’s just a question of realising you can’t fix it easily and moving forward with the project at hand. I tried to make the audio as smooth and neat as possible and for the most part I would say I succeeded. I apologise if not everything is flawless quality wise, but trying to work with so much footage (around 18 separate matches)without being able to see it is a difficult task.

The trailer itself

After all that contextual/background information (that might be added to later), here's the [url=]Shadow Jago public release Trailer[/url]