Shadow Jago not available?

Just passing on an issue from over at GameFaqs. It seems some players can no longer purchase Shadow Jago, eventhough he was supposed to be available until the 15th?

“When I search for Shadow Jago on the Xbox Games Store the only search result says “Bundle Only” and when I click bundle nothing comes up. I tried contacting the support on but they couldn’t help me. They said that it’s probably purchased from within the game, but I can’t find where to buy Shadow Jago there either. Where is he?”

"I think they took him down early?

the end date says 1/1/5/2016
so maye they took that as 1/5/2016 by mistake."

1 Like Servers are acting up again.

^ “Affected platforms: Xbox 360”…

It is probably more of an Xbox Live issue than KI itself though. Unless the devs took him down or something. They dhould just extend him for a week due to all these problems.