Shadow Jago NEW is frikin awsome! good job IG!

wow all I can say is wow and with the hints of ULTIMATES on the horizon,im stoked! great job IG

Not to rain on the parade but they basically said there won’t be any more ultimates on the stream.

Shadow Jago is awesome though, I love him.

I guess they will remain at the horizon forever. The Keits clearly said at the live stream “Shadow Jago is the only character with an ultimate IN THIS GAME”. That’s clear enough to don’t even think on the possibility of a troll. As much as i used to love this game, I don’t like being pushed to MKX.

IG is a small team and their resources are very limited. Microsoft has all the money of this world, but it seems not interested to support IG as it should on this game. The reason why community fund was requested by the devs. No matter how, i can’t see a season 4 happening and would be such abuse if they do so, anything after season 3 that’s not a season 4 are welcome. I mean patches for ultimate combo and annihilation moves are welcome but a season 4…

And remember, ultimate combo is just an ultimate combo, it’s not a fatality.

I’m digging him so far. Looking forward to more lab time with him this weekend. Shago mirrors are borderline frenetic, totally bananas.