Shadow Jago Is OP (Nerf Him)

Someone please tell me in what world is Shadow Jago a fair character. He is OP asf. He can juggle you forever, all players do is spam projectiles. He can shoot 1 before the other one goes away, so in a sense he is shooting 2 projectiles at you constantly. Spamming teleportation over and over and projectiles, and juggle you to death with combos. You guys took a perfectly fine game and destroyed it with OP chaacters. It doesn’t make sense to play this game anymore. Also you guys added what is like a extra special on top of the other shadow specials, why are you doing things to ruin a decent game. I played someone who has Shadow Jago there is a 85% chance I am going to lose the match. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why in the world would they put such a character in a game and not nerf all his moves. Sigh I am from the old KI days Snes and N64, this new game doesn’t make sense. I had this game for over a year, it was fine prior to a few months back when they added Shadow Jago and the added updates, this game is literally broken. Characters doesn’t match up well and some are so OP it doesn’t make sense playing. They are trying so hard to make this game easy for everyone, if that means adding OP characters and spammy characters so be it, as long as sales comes in. SMDH. I remember the days when games was fun to play balance and fun, now it is made so everyone can pick an OP CHARACTER and spam you to death with cheap moves. Also he is so fast that he can perform a move and recover quick enough to get me with another one, I can’t even punish him. How does this make sense? Someone performs a move I block, once his move is finish I attempt to counter and I get hit with another one so quick it doesn’t make sense. He can do a uppercut super fast then recover before I punish him and do another one. This character is clearly made for all the newbies to feel like they can play, unfortunately all the vets is using him and so the game is a broken crap. Playing this game is fustrating, especially against a spammy cheap Shadow Jago user OMG. FIX this broken character please nerf his damage and his speed, he is too fast way too fast. His recovery doesn’t make sense. How can I punish a character that can execute a move then execute another one before I can lay down any damage. Unbelievable nonsense. I know they make games water down and cheap so every the worse players can feel at home but come on, this is a poor excuse for a character in any fighting game. BROKEN!

Clearly you haven’t checked what Shago can do. That’s a surged DP, it hits two times, you have to block both of them and then punish after the second one, otherwise you’ll just get hit. It has nothing to do with his recovery.

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Shago just smokes a lot of weed, it will worn off him soon.

Just get good with your characters, a friend of mine is a VERY good Shago player and I made him a meal for my Riptor😈

Also the only broken character that I know of being in the game is Omen, with those Chun-Li kicks…

Thanks for the feedback, I adjusted my guide page with this new information (click to enlarge).


All jokes aside. There are characters that are absolute buzzkills in this roster and this will chase away new players. Shago is one of them. KI has a big problem with the unintuitive punish options. You block a high reward low risk move, and there’s no clear punish without studying the matchup somewhere online. I can name 6 moves off of the top of my head that should be more unsafe fir balancing purposes. Honestly, other fighters don’t have this same issue. This has been and uninviting problem since season one if you ask me. Game relies too much on offense (and even braindead offense from some of the cast), and doesn’t reward classic defense (most powerful defense is combo breaking, which means you got opened up). Just my 2 cents after 2k hrs playing this since 2013.

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Eh, for every person who doesn’t like Shago, there is someone out there having fun with him. Divisive, yes, but buzzkill I dunno.

I’m curious now, can you name these moves?

Whaaaaaa, how many other fighters have you played? There are tons of amazing high reward, low risk moves in every tournament fighter.

Eh… blocking is good in KI. You can’t block forever, but it’s good. Shadow counter, while not “classic” defense, is a really strong defensive tool, and you can only access it by blocking. Just because nobody online wants to block doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.


Infil is right, Rash is one annoying character, then Sadira, but we can all say, the most annoying character ever to be in KI is…

That Shang Tsung Ripoff (Kappa)

Just take all the Shendokukens to the face. That will assert your dominance when fighting Shadow Jago.

(No but Seriously, I play Shago, he is far from OP)

OMG no you didnt!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Im dying…please make it stop! LMAO!

This needs to become a Meme and spread worldwide!


Are these troll threads? Because seriously, you can push pretty much any button after blocking pretty much any Shago special and take your turn. If you randomly push buttons with no regard for what you’re trying to punish, you might eat the second half of a Surge DP, sure. But if you’re not blankly staring through the screen while he styles on you, every special you block gives you a turn. You do actually have to take the turn though.

This was meant to be helpful in the least technical way possible.


I don’t see a good reason with making two of the same threads with “Shadow Jago is OP” as the tagline. It’s been proven time and time again that he’s not OP. Boss Mode Gargos will gladly take the title of OP later this season. Also I find threads like these (in my honest opinion) to be face palm worthy. If you don’t like Shago, that’s fine. But don’t resort to making two of the same threads because they will get locked eventually.

The mods are watching.

You made two of the same thread? Sighs… To off-topic you go!


“Shadow Jago is OP”

“Nerf Him”
That quotes never get old!


Continuing the discussion from Shadow jago is op (nerf please):

Having to block low (often on both sides) when fighting Shago was a huge reason for me switching to analog on the pad. It’s made me a better player overall. My advice, take each of these awesome characters (whether it’s shago, rash, sadira, fulgore, or kan ra) as a challenge to get better. That’s what makes KI so fun and interesting. Keep at it and don’t be afraid to ask how others handle these “OP” situations. Someone will be willing to help is you ask nicely. Eventually you’ll get to the point where facing shago won’t be so problematic. Gl.

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Lol, Almost every one of his specials is punishable, if you have a DP I’m pretty sure literally everyone of his moves is punishable. Like most juggles in the game there is usually a linking move that is very easy to read and break.

Stop complaining like a scrub, Practice and adapt.


I have no issues blocking. My block is top notch I am a street fighter player old KI player so blocking is #1. This doesn’t change the fact shadow Jago is not a fair character. I played the game somenoe does a move before I can even react, he recovers and do another one. Players even execute the double uppercut one right after the other, I can’t even punish them. I have beating dozens of Shadow Jago but I have lost to 4x as more. Always the same spam teleportation, spam projectiles, spam spam spam teleportation. Juggle juggle juggle this guy can juggle you in the air , it seems like forever hit after hit. Sometimes good defense will never beat cheap spammy OP offense. I have burn in enough hours to know Jago is retarded. Sadira is another pain in the rear and that mummy Kappa or whatever his name is. Anyone who feels Shadow Jago is fine the way he is, is clearly a Shadow Jago player so they don’t mind the cheapness. Character is broken he is OP his recovery after executing a move is ridiculous. My defense is top notch. I am a balance player strong defense good offense but this can’t save me against the Majority of Shadow Jago player. They are clearly ruinning this game. Rash is another annoying character. They are adding characters that doesn’t eve belong in KI.

I have beaten a good amount of Shadow Jago players but I have lost to 4x as many.

Let me guess you are a Shadow Jago player. SNES and N64 KI took skills this new game takes an OP character and learn how to spam spam spam spam.

If you have lost to more shadow jagos than won, how can you you say that you’ve been a good amount of them?